Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #05

Well look what we have here, Hanamaru Kunikida got excited upon seeing a laptop for the first time. In fact, she’s always excited on seeing modern necessities lately

But to tell you the truth, Hanamaru lives in a temple where she doesn’t watch TV nor use a PC to surf the internet. In fact, Hanamaru only read books to cure her boredom!

With that said, this week’s episode introduces Yoshiko Tsushima… or should I say Fallen Angel Yohane as she descended to Earth to gather little demons with her sweet voice!

On second thought, I think Yoshi- I mean Yohane is starting to regret her life as a fallen angel! By the way, there’s Hanamaru on the background and she knows Yoshiko since kindergarten.

Now then, Yoshiko tried to give up her fallen angel identity where she mold it since middle school, but it seems that she can’t get it out easily. Yeah, it’s a chuunibyou thing just like Rikka Takanashi!

But you know what, instead of throwing her “fourteen-sick” life away, why not embrace it as Chika Takami told her to stay as a fallen angel! Hell, they even dress up like Yohane!

Also, Chika wants Yohane to join her school idol club because it’s more fun to have a chuuni girl like Yoshiko- Oh wait, Yohane!

Anyways, Yoshiko “Yohane” Tsushima has officially joined Uranohoshi Academy’s school idol club, ’cause having a fallen angel in Aqours is a good thing!

Now then, all that is left is the third-year students but I think they’ll join later…

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