Ange Vierge Episode #04

Let’s start this week’s episode with Miumi Hinata as she’s currently recovering after briefly joining the Dark Side, which Saya Sougetsu manage to knock her down back in Episode 3.

Also, nothing like seeing her inside a tank… in the nude! Then again, you’ll rather wait for the Blu-rays to see uncensored tits!

Anyways, Saya Sougetsu and her fellow UC buddies went to Darkness Embrace, the Black World where Almaria formerly resides before moving to Seiran Island.

The reason why they went to the Black World is because Ouroboros wants to destroy the world crystal. Gotta say that the enemy wants to go for the overkill, but you know what the remaining Progress will stop Ouroboros from destroying all five worlds!

In any case, time for Saya Sougetsu and her friends to save Darkness Embrace, but first they must get past one of the higher Progress who went to the dark side! Seriously, where’s Darth Vader when we’re at it?

Anyways, they must beat Sofina as she returned to her homeworld to destroy the crystal. However, seems that Almaria will try to stop her senior…

…using blood packs to create shields and stuff as Almaria is scared of biting someone’s neck. Really Almaria, you’re making an embarrassment to all vampires!

Unfortunately for Almaria, it’s not enough to beat Sofina!

With that said, Sofina felt disappointed against Almaria as she’s making fun or her vampire heritage like not sucking blood to power herself up.

I’ll not be surprised if Saya’s UC friends got berated by their SR seniors for being weak and other mean things!

Speaking of Saya Sougetsu, she’s arrived to rescue Almaria before she joined to the Dark Side!

Yeah, nothing like having a fellow UC Progress like Saya saving a friend from being corrupted. Of course, she’s still bitter that Amane Ayashiro is frozen at Seiran Island!

Anyways, Sofina is tired of fighting against her junior so she decided to blow up the world crystal with her powerful magic!

And look, the world crystal residing Darkness Embrace is gone. So much for Saya Sougetsu and her friends coming over to the Black World!

On the other hand, I hope Sofina and her fellow SR and EXR girls are regretting their action of destroying world crystals, ’cause there’s no reward for this when Ouroboros decides to scrap them to the discard pile in the end and for all eternity!

Anyways, the next episode will have the same thing unless SILVER LINK decides to change it up a little. C’mon, who wants to see the bad guys winning all the time?

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