Well, looks like Ichiya Suzaku will have a long lecture from Gutoku Asanagi regarding insubordination and letting his sub-head face danger by pushing her limits.

And speaking of Ichiya’s sub-head, Canaria Utara is recovering as we speak. I mean, she used her World powers too much!

In any case, Ichiya Suzaku has swallowed his selfish pride as he asked both Kanagawa and Chiba for assistance. C’mon, it’s all his fault for going into the enemy by himself!

Anyways, Kasumi Chigusa will do the driving on one of the trains at the Aqua Line…

…which he drifts the train and hang it outside in mid-air so that his fellow Chiba students can unleash hell!

Oh and if you’re worried about the train falling off the Aqua Line? Kasumi made it sure that he’ll straighten the train with his World powers.

Meanwhile, Maihime Tenkawa steps forward and attacks the Leviathan-class head-on like she normally does.

C’mon, who needs maneuvers when Maihime will just swing her sword like a berserker!

Oh and her Kanagawa comrades join the fight too, as they chip the Leviathan’s armor until it’s soft enough to crack it open!

Then again, the Leviathan-class Unknown is aware of this so it tries to run away. Yeah, let’s say that the Unknowns are smarter!

But don’t worry though as Ichiya Suzaku and his allies have received support. I wonder who could that be?

Why it’s none other than Canaria Utara as she’s supported by Aoi Yaegaki. Injuries be damned when she buffs her friends with her song!

Anyways, time to destroy the Leviathan-class Unknown as Ichiya borrowed Maihime to get in closer to the enemy. Sorry Hotaru Rindou, but it’s necessary!

And by the way, this is the time where A-1 Pictures lost their budget, as they couldn’t animate the destruction of the Leviathan-class so they resorted to using cheap special effects!

Anyways, Umihotaru is safe thanks to the cooperation of three cities. Then again, they’ll return to their bickering afterwards!

On the other hand, Canaria is grateful that Ichiya has become stronger for her sake. I mean, he wants to protect her so much!

Unfortunately, nobody expects this when Canaria Utara got pounced by an Unknown. Fuck, and she was starting to recover her wounds!

Gotta say, QUALIDEA CODE is making me depressed lately after last week’s episode. Now, Canaria just died on this week’s episode when things are getting better! *cries*

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