Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #16

Today’s episode will see Takeru Kuroki acting as the chief of Unit 8 for a week.

And while Rin Yamabuki will go to Davos, Switzerland for a security conference, I have a feeling that Kuroki will wreck this room in which Souichirou Sena will have a hard time cleaning it up!

But now, let’s focus on what’s happening on this episode as Tokyo is being terrorized by an unmanned motorcycle Willwear called Free Delta, which it travels to a specific route that spelled something.

Come to think of it, Free Delta reminds me of Mythos’ Willwear back in Episode 12!

And speaking of Mythos, he’s back and he’s chilling out by reading a book!

By the way, Takeru Kuroki is visiting Mythos everyday to ask him regarding the unmanned Willwear, but I have to say that he’ll either gave vague answers or nothing at all.

Meanwhile, this guy is acting suspicious. I wonder if he’s related to the new string of Willwear-related attacks?

Nevertheless, you should look out for this person as he might do something terrible!

With that said, Unit 8 has mobilized to stop Free Delta from completing its objective.

By the way, Oscar III tried to stop the unmanned Willwear with her Mjölnir Spear, but Free Delta dodged Haruka Hoshimiya’s attacks without much effort!

Fortunately, Oscar II arrived to shut Free Delta down. On the other hand, it turns out that Free Delta’s pre-determined route spelled out Redire which means “to return” in Latin.

Hmm, I wonder if Free Delta is signaling the return of Logos?

Speaking of returning characters, Tomoki Hachijou is back after his brief hiding at Israel.

Let’s hope this bastard will get his comeuppance once Bird returns to Japan! I mean, he might be doing Willwear-related crimes while he’s out of the country.

One last thing, it looks like Mythos or Tomohisa has been released from his prison where Takeru Kuroki suggested to have him join Unit 8 as his adopted younger brother Jirou. Then again, I doubt that Mythos will help them on stopping crimes. Also, what happened to Mythos’ sister where Unit 8 promised him to meet his lost sibling?

With that said, Takeru Kuroki’s term as the acting chief has ended as Chief Rin Yamabuki returns to Japan. Of course, she’ll get mad at Takeru for putting trash around her desk!

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