Macross Delta Episode #18

Well everyone, they’re back again at Voldor as they check on the ruins once more. Then again, the Aerial Knights are there to check on it too!

Let’s hope that Walkure and the Delta Squadron won’t get captured!

Then again, I spoke too soon as Freyja Wion got caught by one of the Aerial Knights! Talk about bad timing here, and who’s the one who mishandled Freyja?

Oh, it’s Cassim Eberhart as he’s off-duty today. But you know what, he shouldn’t throw a girl like Freyja Wion, and also she won’t be returning to Windermere as long as she sings to her heart’s content!

Anyways, this Aerial Knight is not a fanatic like Bogue Con-Vaart as Cassim is soft-spoken and has a family who tend their apple orchard back home. Then again, Cassim won’t see his son planting his own apple tree anytime soon…

Also, Cassim captured Hayate Immelman as well. But then again, he decided to let him and Freyja go because there’s no point of getting information from them.

C’mon, Cassim is a gentleman and not a brash idiot like Bogue!

Now then, looks like things are getting dicey so it’s time for the Delta Squadron to man up their Siegfried fighters for battle!

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Walkure as they sing so they can see if their music can react the ruins once more. After all, they failed on both occasions.

Meanwhile, here’s Bogue Con-Vaart and- Wait, is he blushing like he’s starting to like Walkure despite hating it? Yak Deculture!

In any case, he still hates Walkure as Bogue went ahead and attack the idol group!

Of course, he’ll get stomped by Hayate anyway. I’ll say it again, Bogue Con-Vaart is a fuckin’ idiot!

Speaking of Hayate Immelman, there he is as Hayate is riding the wind once again thanks to Freyja’s lovely voice!

On second thought, I think he’s showing symptoms of Var Syndrome, which is bad because it’ll make him go crazy.

I have to say that being exposed to Freyja’s song is a double-edged sword where his senses are sharpened in exchanged for going into a trance-like state where Hayate attacks endlessly.

Meanwhile, it’s time for King Heinz Nerich Windermere II to do his thing as the Wind Singer. Of course, Heinz’s voice being amplified to greater lengths would weaken his body.

Also, seems that Heinz’s wail has affected the Aerial Knights very much. I wonder if hearing Heinz’s voice would strengthen their senses in exchange for shortening their lifespan?

But if King Heinz can do it, both Mikumo Guynemer and Freyja Wion can do it better as they made a duet that’s so powerful…

…it affects the ruins not only in Voldor, but across the Brisingr Cluster. Get wrecked, King Heinz Nerich Windermere II!

Then again, both Mikumo and Freyja are in a trance as their voices sent shockwaves across the galaxy.

Speaking of Freyja Wion, she’s connecting to Hayate so much that the Var Syndrome is gaining up on him!

I mean, look at Hayate Immelman’s VF-31 Siegfried as the trails are denser than ever.

While he can shoot and kill Keith Aero Windermere at any moment in that current state, I think it’s time for Hayate to snap out of it!

This includes Freyja Wion as Kaname Buccaneer stops her before it gets worse.

If Freyja continues her singing, there’s a high chance that Hayate Immelman will completely succumb to the Var Syndrome!

And here’s Hayate Immelman as he passed out. I hope he’ll be alright, but I’m worried that Hayate might forced to distance himself from Freyja.

Lastly, here’s Mikumo Guynemer as she continues to sing. On the other hand, there’s a glimpse of her past which suggests that she’s either an artificial human or a modified being which presumably Windermerean.

In any case, Mikumo’s voice has destroyed the ruins at Voldor. I have a feeling that she’ll become Heinz’s replacement later down the line.

And speaking of Heinz, he’s overwhelmed towards Mikumo Guynemer’s voice. Sad to say this your highness, but Lord Roid will set you aside in favor of Mikumo!

Anyways, things are getting worse in Macross Delta! On the other hand, I wonder what the New United Nations are planning in regard to the ongoing conflict with Windermere?

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