Rewrite Episode #05

This week’s episode will focus on a certain class representative. This is Lucia Konohana and last week, she had a fight with Chihaya Ohtori because Lucia doesn’t want to get touched by someone.

Yes, Lucia Konohana is obsessed with cleanliness but there’s no need to get angry on being touched! But then again, there could be a reason why Lucia doesn’t like anyone touching her…

Maybe it’s because someone is watching her. And not only that, but it’s related to Lucia’s past that is so horrible, you might get cursed and die upon hearing it!

Anyways, Lucia Konohana’s story revolves around a cursed girl named Haruka Asahi. Yeah, this is gonna be spooky!

But first, let’s introduce a character named Inoue where she has a scoop regarding Haruka Asahi.

But since she fears on being cursed by Haruka, Inoue gave it to Koutarou Tennouji as he’s also investigating the cursed girl. Let’s hope that Koutarou won’t get cursed by Haruka Asahi since there’s no such thing as curses!

Never mind what I said, looks like Koutarou Tennouji is about to get cursed by Haruka Asahi… and it’s not pretty!

Then again, it seems that Haruka Asahi could be someone else. Who could that be perhaps?

Why it’s none other than Lucia Konohana- Oh wait, it’s actually Haruka Asahi possessing Lucia’s body as evidenced by the color of her eyes.

Anyways, Luci- I mean Haruka told Koutarou not to wake her up or he’ll get cursed!

And afterwards, she passed out in which Koutarou grabbed Lucia. Of course, I think he’ll get cursed upon touching her!

But hey, it doesn’t matter whether he’s cursed or not, as Koutarou Tennouji will debunk it upon visiting the Santa Brosia Peace Garden orphanage.

Anyways, looks like Koutarou Tennouji has found the answer as Haruka Asahi…

…was another name for Lucia Konohana, just to hide her corrosion powers that was bestowed upon when she was young.

Then again, I’m no expert as I didn’t play the original visual novel!

Speaking of Koutarou, it seems that the curse has affected him as his body is starting to deteriorate. After all, everything withers when Lucia touches anything!

Well then, looks like Koutarou Tennouji will be a goner and his desire to grope Akane Senri’s breasts will not be fulfilled!

Not until Koutarou rewrites his body again to get rid of the curse. Also, it’s nice to see 8-Bit showing his insides!

Oh yeah, and the curse has lifted thanks to Koutarou’s powers. Well, Koutarou Tennouji will live to see the day where he’ll finally fondle Akane’s tits!

In any case, the mystery surrounding Lucia Konohana has finally solved! Of course, she’ll need to apologize to Chihaya for what happened in Episode 4.

So while she still wear gloves in order not to curse someone, I have to say that Lucia felt better than before thanks to Koutarou. Then again, it’s just the beginning of something sinister as Koutarou Tennouji will be involved of stopping a fanatic organization from destroying Earth. I can’t wait for that!

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