NEW GAME! Episode #05

Oh look, Hajime is playing with Aoba’s first 3D model! Isn’t it nice?

Of course, Aoba-chan will have to make another one in 3 days or less with the same quality. But hey, she’s learning everyday!

And speaking of learning, Aoba Suzukaze will also learn on doing errands such as buying tablet styluses and other equipment.

Anyways, Hajime Shinoda will show her how it’s done!

Then again, Hajime-san somewhat lost her wallet. Oh, and don’t ask if Aoba-chan has the cash as she left her wallet at her office desk.

But don’t worry though as Aoba went back to the office and found Hajime’s wallet!

Not sure what happened to her wallet though… Maybe it was lost forever or something.

Well then, seems that Aoba Suzukaze is somewhat reliable than Hajime Shinoda.

On the other hand, seeing Hajime-san crying was so cute!

However, seeing Hajime acting cute… doesn’t suit her one bit!

Um Hajime-san, I like your original personality better than your cutesy one.

Moving onto the next scene as Summer has arrived in NEW GAME!, and most of the Eagle Jump employees are wearing light clothes since Japan is promoting the “Cool Biz” fashion.

By the way, seems that Hajime is somewhat bigger in the chest area…

On the other hand, not all of them are wearing light clothes as Yun Iijima wears her long-sleeve blouse and long skirt because it’s chilly inside the office.

Also, Aoba Suzukaze is concerned about her chubby arms as she’s somewhat lax lately.

Of course, there’s someone like Yun Iijima who is “deeply” concerned about her arms as well. Not just arms, but her figure too!

Here’s a tip, don’t go into extreme dieting or you’ll die!

In any case, the only way for Yun to get rid of her chubby arms is to change the thermostat on the air conditioner.

This would not only benefit Yun-chan as she’ll sweat more to burn those fats, but to also reduce carbon emissions too!

Then again, there’s one staff member who likes the bitter cold as Kou Yagami caught Yun red-handed on manipulating the thermostat.

Um Yagami-san, I think you shouldn’t lower the temperature so much that workers would shiver! Also, it wasn’t Yun Iijima who turn it up the air conditioner…

…as it was revealed that Hajime Shinoda is also responsible for bringing up the heat inside the office. Um, would it be better if she brought her jacket so she won’t feel the chill?

But then again, their constant changing of the room temperature will surely break the thermostat down, which will render the air conditioner inoperable!

And thus, Rin Touyama warned them not to mess up with the thermostat ever again. Honestly, they should have change the air con to the optimal temperature.

With that said, it’s the end of this week’s episode and don’t try to anger Touyama-san!

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