Masou Gakuen HxH Episode #05

Well, nothing like Kizuna Hida taking a good dip at the hot springs and relax. Let’s hope that there are no girls inside the bathhouse! *wink*

Never mind, looks like Hayuru Himekawa got in first and if you squint a bit, you’ll see her nipples amidst the steam.

Stupid steam, you’re obstructing Hayuru’s tits!

But yes, Hayuru Himekawa got angry at Kizuna Hida for going into the hot springs. But you know what, it was actually Reiri’s fault for not informing Hayuru that Kizuna will be bathing.

Then again, Reiri Hida wants Kizuna to do erotic things to Hayuru in the hot springs, but then it backfired!

Speaking of Reiri Hida, she presented her brother with a virtual simulator where Kizuna can sharpen his combat skills, as well as practicing his dating skills in any situation!

Speaking of Kizuna’s dating skills, let’s throw that away for once and focus on having him touch Yurishia’s voluptuous body!

Oh, and let’s have her blindfolded while tying up her arms. S&M anyone? I mean, she likes being punished by the way!

But anyways, let’s move onto what’s important: Fondling Yurishia’s American-size tits!

See, their Hybrid Count is being restored at this point and Yurishia is enjoying this. In any case, time for the climax…

…with a pinch to Yurishia’s nipples! It would be nice if Kizuna’s dick was sandwiched between her tits, but that won’t work in AT-X!

But hey, Yurishia Farandole’s Hybrid Count has been restored. Still, I feel that Hayuru Himekawa is missing out the fun!

After all, Hayuru’s Hybrid Count is in low levels so there would be an issue when she’ll encounter Magitech enemies again.

Moving onto the serious stuff as the Amaterasu Team headed to Guam as they found a distress signal on the island.

But it turns out that it was a trap set up by this woman named Aldea, who was briefly shown in Episode 2 and now making her formal appearance as the representative of the Batlantis Empire.

While she wanted to kill all of Kizuna’s teammates and take out their cores, Aldea won’t waste her time murdering her enemies.

So, she sends a three-headed dragon to fight them instead! Well, looks like this situation has gone worse at this point… and also the animation quality.

But, you don’t mind the quality as long as you see uncensored boobies, right?

On the other hand, here’s Hayuru Himekawa as she relentlessly attacked the Magitech enemy, but to no avail as she couldn’t break the dragon’s thick armor.

Also, it turns out that Hayuru has bad memories upon encountering with the three-headed dragon, as it was responsible for decimating one part of the city with no survivors. You know what, I think it’s time for Hayuru to retreat as she becomes an emotional wreck!

In any case, time for Kizuna Hida’s team to head back home as fighting Aldea and her three-headed dragon would be a costly one. Better run away than having their cores taken out!

Well then, I hope the next episode will finally give in to Kizuna for Hayuru Himekawa!

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