BATTERY Episode #04

This is Takumi Harada’s grandfather Youzou Ioka who was once coached Nitta High School’s baseball team before leaving for personal reasons.

While some say that he left the school as they’re not good enough, but the real reason why Grandpa Ioka take his leave is because he wants to be with his ailing wife or should I say Takumi’s grandmother, who passed away prior to the start of this series. At least he didn’t tell Makoto Tomura and his teammates that they suck!

But let’s go back to the present and thanks to Takumi not following the coach’s orders of cutting his own hair, he has a share of enemies like Eiji Nobunishi who wants to tell Takumi to know his place.

Of course, Nobunishi wants Harada to kick his arrogant ass by forcing him to quit the club!

Good thing Gou Nagakura saved Takumi Harada from the seniors. Otherwise, this would become an ugly scene which would expel Harada if it gets worse!

Speaking of Gou Nagakura, he doesn’t like Takumi’s attitude after raising his voice against Coach Tomura that Gou got angry at his partner.

Now if Nagakura wasn’t generous during Harada’s confrontation with the seniors, he’ll just shrug him off and tell Takumi that “you get what you deserve for not following Coach Tomura!” and other nasty things. Of course, I’m glad that he won’t let his pitcher get into trouble!

One more thing, both Harada and Nagakura got some special treatment from Coach Tomura after showing their stuff. By the way, Coach Tomura got a foulball after hitting Takumi’s pitches.

While they’ll get extra practice time, Coach Tomura won’t let Harada play unless he cut his hair to a desirable length. Anyways, looks like their special treatment got a bit of an ire from Eiji Nobunishi and his fellow senior team-mates. I hope it won’t get worse on the next episode since I want to see Takumi Harada change his personality!

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