Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! Episode #05

Today’s episode, we have Colette-chan as she’s making that weird-ass face…

…onto a head statue. Um Colette, I think it won’t react to your idiotic expression!

Of course, that doesn’t stop Colette on doing something to the head statue…

…by painting it until it resembles a human head. Oh, and let’s add a mustache and that “Meat” kanji onto its forehead for good measure!

Yeah, it look so realistic but that “Meat” kanji on its forehead looked awkward.

Then again, Mizuki Usami will be angry when someone changed the head statue so Colette hide it from plain sight.

Seriously Colette, you should have leave the statue in its original form instead of painting the whole thing!

Meanwhile, here’s Yumeko Tachibana as she went to the Art Club as usual… until she noticed that there’s a box at the corner!

Of course, she’s curious to what’s inside of it and so Yumeko-sensei looked at the box…

…only to find out that the box contained the head statue that Colette painted to look like a human head.

Well Colette-chan, you should have hide the statue somewhere that no one will find it… at all!

But let’s go back to Yumeko-sensei as she was shocked to see that a “human” head was found, which she got fainted upon seeing the severed head!

Really Yumeko Tachibana, it’s just a head statue. Then again, it’s too late to tell her the truth!

In any case, both Mizuki Usami and Subaru Uchimaki saw Yumeko-sensei lying on the ground.

While Mizuki went outside and asked for help, it seems that Subaru-kun has an idea to revive their club advisor…

And that’s performing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or what I call the “kiss of life”, which the club president got a glimpse of it before running away.

Then again, Uchimaki-kun doesn’t like kissing 3D girls so he stopped the CPR attempt until Yumeko-sensei wakes up. That’s for the best, but damn that was close!

And now, let’s end today’s episode where the Art Club are cleaning the pool. But instead of scrubbing the surface with soap and water…

…they’re painting a mermaid instead. I think they should have clean the pool surface first and also, the paint they used cannot be easily scrub it away!

By the way, where’s Yumeko-sensei?

Oh, she’s trying to wear a swimsuit. Nice set of breasts coming from that teacher, but then she’ll get mad that the pool got painted!

Of course, there’s no way Yumeko-sensei will get angry just because a bunch of students painted a cute mermaid and a dolphin.

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