Alderamin on the Sky Episode #05

Today’s episode will feature Yatorishino Igsem’s backstory of how she met Captain Bada Sankrei and his family. Anyways, Bada Sankrei is Ikta’s father who’s a respected commander and potentially one of the pioneers of modern combat.

I say potentially because there’s no evidence of his new battle tactics yet and while Bada’s teachings were passed onto Lt. General Hazaf Rikan and other people, the Katjvarna Empire continued their old ways of engaging with the enemy like the Kioka Republic.

Meanwhile, here’s Bada’s wife Yuhka and like I said from Episode 2, she’s one of the Emperor’s concubines where the Emperor decided to give Yuhka to Bada Sankrei as a reward. Of course, the reason why the emperor gave Yuhka away is because he’s too old to breed her!

On the other hand, Yuhka Sankrei is caring like any household wife would do, which is nice as she’s not acting like loose woman or anything.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about Ikta Solork and how he’s fascinated with science. While in ancient times where anything that occur such as natural phenomenon are acts of god, science explain how it happened and what cause of it. Heck, science can apply to trying new things like making ice cream.

Sadly, I have a feeling that the church of Alderamin have purged the scientists due to their teachings that invalidates the laws of the world. After all, scientists are branded as heretics during ancient times so it isn’t surprising.

Lastly, this episode also shows Ikta’s friendly relationship with Yatori as they worked together to defend themselves from a pack of wolves, using traps made by household materials and makeshift weapons like Ikta spewing spices onto a wolf.

For a boy who will grow into the laziest man ever, Ikta sure knows how to react quickly and assess the situation on the fly!

There’s also Yatorishino Igsem as her sword-fighting skills puts the wolves at bay until they retreated. In any case, both Ikta and Yatori saved themselves from becoming fresh meat to the wolves.

But after that event, Bada Sankrei was arrested and both Ikta and his mother Yukha disappeared. While Ikta will eventually return under the family name of Solork, losing his parents was a big blow to his life!

Now then, let’s move onto the next episode…

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  1. Karandi says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. The main plot of the series kind of stalled but we got to know these two characters so much better by seeing their past together and it was great timing for this information. Thanks for sharing.

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