Ange Vierge Episode #05

Let’s start with something completely different as I introduce you to the Sanagi sisters: Mayuka and Ageha.

While both girls are in the dark side, Mayuka and Ageha aren’t competent when it comes to combat.

Heck, both of them got blasted by a grenade thanks to Mayuka’s screw-up on throwing the pin away instead of the grenade!

It’s hilarious, but let’s move onto something serious shall we?

Anyways, it turns out that the castle which protects the world crystal is still intact, so there is hope that Darkness Embrace will be saved.

Of course, the main concern is the barrier as it won’t last long if Sofina and her giant fluff monster attacks the castle again!

Therefore, Saya Sougetsu and her fellow Progress girls wasted no time on returning to the Black World and stopping the former comrades, who might have a higher rarity than their UC rank.

By the way, they saved some of them who are clad in black armor. But it’s no big deal since the Progress who sided with Ouroboros are mostly cannon fodder with the exception of certain individuals who have EXR rank.

One example is Sofina who has returned to not only destroy the world crystal, but also force Almaria to join the dark side.

Yeah, she wants Almaria so bad that Sofina wants to sink her teeth onto her junior’s neck!

Also, that cute fluffy monster is attacking the castle. So if that monster destroys the castle and the crystal inside, it’s game over for Saya Sougetsu and her team!

Not until Saya Sougetsu begged Almaria to suck her blood so that they can save Sofina and the Black World.

Sure that Almaria is scared of sucking blood, but it’s necessary to beat her senior and her homeworld too!

But yes, Almaria got her first bite with Saya Sougetsu. Yeah, it’s gonna be a long time sucking Saya’s blood!

In any case, Almaria is now powered-up as she summons her scythe to defeat Sofina-sempai!

One more thing, here’s an obligatory shot of Sofina’s clothes being ripped! Then again, you won’t get a turn-on unless they show her in the nude!

As for the fluffy monster, it was pushed away thanks to Almaria’s newly-awakened power!

In any case, Sofina has been rescued and Darkness Embrace is finally saved!

Of course, Ouroboros is still planning to invade other worlds and while the destruction of the Black World got its setbacks, the enemy ain’t stopping its quest of achieving World End.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode damn, his anime series is getting serious even though it promotes the trading card game!

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