Well, here’s something interesting as Maihime Tenkawa has become the head of Tokyo City! But wait, where’s Ichiya Suzaku?

Oh, seems that his pride as the best fighter and the motivation to destroy all Unknown are all gone after losing Canaria Utara. The only thing that’s left for him is Canaria’s hat and notebook.

Yeah, it’s depressing that Canaria-chan died in front of him on last week’s episode! I guess we’ll have to wait for Ichiya to fully recover from that shocking event!

Meanwhile, seems that Maihime couldn’t hold her tears after losing a dear friend like Canaria Utara. In fact, she experienced of losing someone beloved to her when Hime-chan was a little girl.

Of course, she needs to put up a brave face as the interim head of Tokyo. But for now, Maihime Tenkawa needs some quiet time!

On the other hand, here’s Aoi Yaegaki as it turns out that she let Canaria Utara go towards the Leviathan-class from the rear. Speaking of the rear side, Canaria and her fellow Tokyo students went to the forbidden zone and thus they got attacked at the end of Episode 4.

In any case, I have a feeling that Canaria Utaha going to the forbidden zone is no accident and Aoi Yaegaki is the key on answering this unfortunate event. After all, justice is needed for those who have fallen!

By the way, this is Maihime’s subordinates from Kanagawa: Ginko and Zakuro.

Anyways, they’re here to defend Tokyo from the Unknown as usual, since the students currently have low morale due to Ichiya’s disappearance.

Then again, the situation could be worse as the Unknown unexpectedly appeared from the skies!

Not only that, but the implanted code chip from one of the students is reacting to the approaching Unknown. I have a bad feeling that the Tokyo students will froze up and get killed by the enemy!

But come to think of it, I feel that there’s a conspiracy going on here regarding the code chips and the Unknowns. Then again, we’ll have to wait for the next episode to find out as Aoi is the key to unravel its secret. Oh, and just to let you know that Hotaru Rindou is guarding Aoi Yaegaki so they’ll be fine… I hope!

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