Rewrite Episode #06

Uh-oh, looks like Koutarou Tennouji got captured and tied up by someone else. I wonder who did this?

Oh, it’s Lucia Konohana as she wants to show Koutarou-kun her maid uniform. It’s nice, but there’s no need to drag him just to see it!

Anyways, it’s time for the Occult Research Club to investigate phenomenon instead of finding shitty urban legends!

On the other hand, let me introduce to Kotori Kanbe’s pet named Chibi-Moth, who is crossed between a dog and a hedgehog, with some elements of a mammoth into the mix!

Speaking of Chibi-Moth, it’s capable of defending itself as Chibi-Moth made a spindash move against Koutarou Tennouji.

Well Sonic the Hedgehog, you’ll have to step it up against Chibi-Moth!

Now then, the Occult Research Club are finding something that’s interesting to cover so that the club won’t face disbandment… unless club president Akane Senri pays the whole student council.

Anyways, seems that Chibi-Moth smelled something over there that Koutarou and the rest followed Kotori’s pet…

Then again, I think following Chibi-Moth was a mistake as they found a swamp that contains chemicals and other waste materials. Going towards the swamp would be bad as it’ll cause mutations or even death!

On the other hand, Akane Senri’s expression is filled with contempt on how humanity abused mother nature in exchange for their indulgence, which she suggested that humans would become extinct. Come to think of it, is Akane Senri part of an organization called Gaia where they want to kill off humanity in order to save the Earth?

One last thing, looks like Koutarou saw the ribbon-clad girl again and it seems that he’s seeing of being killed off by her. Does it mean that Koutarou Tennouji died once before that he gained his current powers?

In any case, we’ll find out about Koutarou-kun eventually as the next episode will focus on finding Inoue-san. Then again, finding Inoue will be sidelined in favor of focusing another heroine like Chihaya Ohtori.

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