Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #17

Here’s something interesting: An underground idol named Chiiko Mibu or Mivv as what she called on-stage.

Now, what does it have to do with Mivv’s live concert…

…and a string of Willwear-related attacks where they bring chaos and then retreat after Unit 8 arrives at the scene?

While it doesn’t seemed related to these events, there’s a connection to it.

Well, this guy named Kondou knows about it as he’s not only Mivv’s manager, but also a militant activist who criticize the Tokyo government which includes the current Inagi administration.

And the only way to disrupt and discredit the government and Unit 8 was to order his men to wreck havoc across places so that the Eighth won’t react quickly. Then again, I wonder how did Kondou-san get those Willwears in the first place?

Meanwhile, here’s something interesting as Takeru Kuroki told Chief Rin Yamabuki on how he became friends with Koutarou Inagi and getting his scar.

Yeah, it’s gonna be an emotional backstory coming from Kuroki-kun!

Anyways, Takeru Kuroki was protecting orphans against thugs, telling them that he won’t join their gang because they’re nothing more but lazy troublemakers!

Things got dicey afterwards when they pulled a knife and attacked Kuroki. Yeah, this is where he got his scar!

Fortunately, Koutarou Inagi arrived on the scene to save him and the orphans for being kidnapped by thugs.

Since then, Inagi was the man that changed Takeru Kuroki’s life as he became a policeman. How nice!

Anyways, let’s go back to hunting down those troublemakers. But since Kondou-san and his cronies are expected that Unit 8 will be there to stop them, Rin Yamabuki tried something different thanks to Hinata give her a pamphlet of Mivv’s concert schedule.

Yeah, thanks to Hinata Yamabuki, Chief Rin got an idea on how to stop Kondou-san and his team of trolls! After all, Hinata-chan went to Mivv’s concert the other day.

By the way, Abigail has returned and if you’re asking on what she’s doing here, it turns out that Unit 8 asked SENARS Inc. for a special mission.

Oh yeah, here’s Souichirou Sena as he’s living the dream of throwing garbage properly… while wearing his Oscar I unit.

Well, the civilians don’t mind him wearing a law enforcement Willwear for cleaning duty. Of course, they don’t need to know about Sena-kun’s identity and his previous job as a police officer!

However, it seems that this troublemaker has finally returned by throwing the trash to the road!

By the way, it turns out that this guy is actually a fan of Mivv, but let’s just say that he’s delusional thanks to Kondou’s manipulation!

Of course, seeing someone littering on the road makes Souichirou Sena boils with anger. He’s a clean freak after all!

So therefore, Oscar I unleashed hell against the troublemaker for scattering trash across the neighborhood!

Well, this is what happens to those who litter around the streets, but I feel that Sena-kun might kill this criminal just because of his excessive compulsory cleanliness.

So, Abigail stopped her boss before it gets worse. You don’t want someone doing extra-judicial killings especially when a civilian worker like Souichirou Sena is involved, and also Abigail running over Sena-kun is hilarious!

In any case, the perpetrator has been arrested but as for Kondou-san, he got away after his plan have failed. What an asshole he is for chickening out as well as abandoning Chiiko Mibu!

Speaking of Chiiko Mibu, she’s no longer an underground idol named Mivv as Chiiko becomes a street performer instead. Well, it’s better than hanging out with a terrorist!

Still, the question on who’s supplying deranged criminals with Willwears remains unsolved. Maybe in the next episode or two, we’ll find that out!

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