Macross Delta Episode #19

Looks like Mikumo Guynemer collapsed after last week’s episode that she’s getting medical attention… somewhere else. Seriously, Walkure is worried about their leader and they someone treated her wounds in an undisclosed location!

By the way, Lady M is concerned about Mikumo which means that both characters are not the same person. Then again, just who is Lady M? Sheryl Nome’s grandmother Mao or maybe the legendary Lynn Minmay? The mystery thickens…

On the other hand, here’s Berger Stone as he arrived at Macross Elysion to not only deliver the supplies, but also give Delta Squadron and for us viewers a history lesson of the whole franchise. Then again, I only watched the original SDF Macross and Macross Frontier.

While Berger didn’t mentioned Macross II since it’s not canon, it’s weird that he didn’t told what happened to Macross 30 since it’s celebrating 30 years of the franchise. I guess Shoji Kawamori considered that game as non-canon because it’s crossover material, which makes Haruka Chisuga very sad if that happens!

Apart from his info-dumping, Berger told both Walkure and the Delta Squadron on how Var Syndrome was born, which came from the fold bacteria produced by the Vajra back in Macross Frontier.

And while he knows that Walkure was formed due to having fold receptors among its members, Berger Stone believes that the Protoculture used music as a tool of war which doesn’t sit well for Freyja Wion. I mean, she loves singing after all!

Anyways, time for Berger Stone to take his leave right after the goods has been delivered to Macross Elysion. And let’s face it, he’s not welcome for playing both sides of the conflict just for filling up the Foundation’s pockets.

Meanwhile, here’s Lord Roid Brehm sitting like a boss and while he believes that the Windermereans are the true heirs of Protoculture despite having a short lifespan and a weak fold receptors, I feel that his claims are bullshit!

Honestly, I think he’ll capture either Freyja or Mikumo as King Heinz’s replacement, because Lord Roid wants the Wind Singer to rule over the entire universe. After all, Roid Brehm is worried about King Heinz’s health.

One last thing, looks like Hayate Immelman is all right after waking up. Then again, he needs to take a rest since he got so worked out after hearing Freyja’s voice for a long period!

On the other hand, seems that Mirage Farina Jenius got flustered after seeing her wingman woke up while holding his hand.

Seriously, Mirage needs some love and she needs to hook up with Hayate soon. Then again, there’s Director Kawamori as he wants to screw us by leaving the love triangle unresolved!

Anyways, I’ll see you next week then…

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