NEW GAME! Episode #06

Well it seems that Kou Yagami is impressed on Aoba Suzukaze’s progress. But now, it’s time to take on the next level for this rookie…

And that’s making an NPC from scratch. Well, Yagami-san gave Aoba-chan some notes on making a story-related NPC so it’s up to her on creating one: from conception to finished 3D model.

By the way, this character named Sophia resembled Aoba Suzukaze a bit. But then again, Sophia will be killed to advance the game’s plot, which is depressing for Aoba-chan!

Anyways, let’s move onto something different as the employees from Eagle Jump are taking their day-off…

…starting with Hajime Shinoda as she take pictures of a live tokusatsu show. C’mon, she’s doing it for reference!

Meanwhile, here’s Yun Iijima as she’s taking care of her two siblings: Miu and Ren.

You know what, I think it’s time for Yun’s younger siblings to watch a children’s movie…

A movie called Moon Ranger where it’s your typical magical girl film. By the way, guess who’s watching this?

Well, Aoba Suzukaze and her friend Nene Sakura are here to watch Moon Ranger. Then again, it’s fitting for them to watch it since Aoba and Nene looked like kids rather than adults!

One more thing, Hajime Shinoda also watched Moon Ranger apart from Yun Iijima and her two siblings. On the other hand, where’s Hifumi Takimoto?

Oh, she’s just doing her own business at home. Don’t know if Hifumi is watching funny video or something else.

By the way, here’s Kou Yagami as she’s sleeping at her apartment instead at the office!

Also, she’s wearing shorts instead of her undies, but having that nice booty will surely make someone smile!

Oh yeah, and here’s Rin Touyama as she’s taking care of Kou Yagami like cooking food or throwing out garbage.

Let’s just say that Kou is lazy when it comes to household work since she focus on making games!

Lastly, let’s end this week’s episode as Aoba Suzukaze decided to stay overnight at the office for overtime.

On the other hand, nice seeing Aoba-chan having her own cute sleeping bag!

Then again, sleeping alone at Eagle Jump could be a weird experience for her.

I mean, Aoba is being watched by Yun’s dolls or even Hajime’s action figures, something that’s scary at night!

So, Aoba wants to stay with Yagami-san since she doesn’t want to sleep by herself! Then again, Aoba could just sleep peacefully at the meeting room…

Anyways, I’ll see you next week for more shenanigans at Eagle Jump!

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