Masou Gakuen HxH Episode #06

Here’s Hayuru Himekawa and while she got bad memories upon encountering the three-headed Magitech dragon, which is finally called Tri-Head by the way, the reason why she’s getting agitated and wanted to destroy Tri-Head is because Hayuru saw civilians being killed by that Magitech enemy.

One more thing, Tri-Head is so powerful that a new “super” class was formed upon encountering the enemy. But you know what, the Amaterasu team will find a way to defeat Tri-Head.

Meanwhile, here’s Aldea as she’s chilling out by drinking tea. Yeah, she’s so classy even though this Batlantis warrior wants to take out their cores!

Alas, Aldea’s tea break was interrupted by Hayuru Himekawa. Um Hayuru, you should have restore your Hybrid Count with Kizuna Hida!

Speaking of Aldea, her Zell Magitech Armor can show something other than using her shield plates as a spear or a ramming weapon…

…like making a prison which Aldea can twist Hayuru’s body like a Rubik’s cube until she’s fatally snap like a twig.

Well, I don’t want Hayuru to die as she wasn’t molested by Kizuna Hida yet!

So therefore, it’s time for the Amaterasu Team to rescue Hayuru Himekawa before she loses half of her body!

Great job there, Yurishia Farandole. Then again, she haven’t unlock her Immoral Weapon yet!

On the other hand, Hayuru’s Hybrid Count is extremely low. See Hayuru Himekawa, I told you to restore your Hybrid Count with Kizuna Hida beforehand!

But you know what, there’s a change for her to get back her Hybrid Count as Reiri Hida brought out the virtual simulation box.

Well, there’s no time to waste as Kizuna enters the simulation room together with Hayuru!

On second thought, it seems that Kizuna groping Hayuru’s boobies isn’t enough. Time to spice things up…

…like changing Hayuru’s clothes where she only wears her lingerie plus with cat ears and tail!

Well, all I can say that it’s a turn-on coming from the disciplinary officer!

Let’s start with the usual fondling of Hayuru’s tits as Kizuna said that her boobies shaped well compared to Yurishia and Aine.

On the other hand, her butt has a nice shape and elasticity. Nice having Kizuna grope Hayuru’s ass!

And now for the clincher as Kizuna pulled Hayuru’s tail to get that climatic finish!

By the way, that cat tail is connected to Hayuru’s anus. Yeah, I’ll dig to that!

In any case, Hayuru Himekawa’s Hybrid Count has been finally restored! It’s about damn time she got a taste of doing erotic things with Kizuna Hida!

Even Aldea couldn’t comprehend on what’s happening at the moment!

Then again, she doesn’t know how to achieve Climax Hybrid should the Batlantis Empire turned out be a world full of women.

Now then, time for an elaborate lewd transformation sequence as Hayuru dons her Neros gear. Well I have to say that Production IMS poured their resources on these scenes!

Oh yeah, and here’s Hayuru Himekawa’s Immoral Weapon which is a large katana. Fitting for the Japanese ace!

Speaking of Hayuru, her Heart Hybrid Gear has changed go alongside with her Immoral Weapon! With that said, time for Hayuru Himekawa…

…to destroy Tri-Head with a single slash. Well, that was an easy fight coming from Hayuru Himekawa after getting her own Immoral Weapon!

Anyways, the fallen civilians has finally avenged!

By the way, Kizuna Hida has finally got access to Neros’ blade. I won’t be surprised if he got some weapons from Yurishia’s Cross gear, because his Eros gear is more versatile than any of the Heart Hybrid Gears!

Of course, it’s not over yet as Aldea is still in the vicinity…

Oh and she called reinforcements because why not! Well everyone, this situation has gone worse than I thought!

Unfortunately, her commander Grabel told Aldea to retreat as she went to the enemy territory under her own volition.

I have to say, Aldea will be punished for insubordination!

Nevertheless, she back out for the time being as the whole Batlantis fleet will make its return to their homeworld. Well then, it’s all over now!

On the other hand, Hayuru Himekawa is still embarrassed that she did lewd things with Kizuna Hida, something that Aine Chidorigafuchi is getting jealous at her the moment Hayuru got her own Immoral Weapon.

Then again, it’s bound to happen considering that she’s a disciplinary officer!

And lastly, here is Yurishia Farandole’s former teammates from United States. Well, the western part of the country but come to think of it, there’s no African nor Asian-Americans on this team!

Anyways, the next episode will focus back on Yurishia as she has a falling-out with her American comrades.

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  1. I dropped this show at episode 1 ._. ,normally i enjoy ecchi shows like highschool dxd but this is basically cancer -_-||

    • benigmatica says:

      Look, Production IMS and Kadokawa give us an uncensored anime this time instead of giving us censored shit like Shinmai Maou no Testament back in 2015.

      Here’s a thing, watch Masou Gakuen HxH for fun instead of getting serious like in Highschool DxD!

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