BATTERY Episode #05

Well it looks like Takumi Harada is cleaning up the club room after a day’s worth of training. C’mon, he’ll soon be a starter but I doubt that Tomura-sensei will let him play!

But in any case, looks like it’s getting better for him at the baseball club…

Maybe not, it seems that Harada will have to deal with some disgruntled seniors who went too far by dragging him to the room and whip his back with a belt. Bastards!

Oh yeah and while they’re planning to cut Takumi’s hair, it looks like whipping Harada’s back is enough.

Good thing Gou Nagakura managed to find Takumi and take him to his house in order to treat Harada’s wounds. After all, Gou is a good partner to Takumi!

In any case, Takumi Harada stay at Gou’s house for a night. But of course, something needs to be done in regards to bullying within the baseball club.

Well, why not ask Fumito Sawaguchi as he knows something. I mean, he went absent after Takumi Harada got whipped.

It turns out that Sawaguchi got told by the seniors to keep quiet about the incident.

But you know what, there’s no need for Fumito to get intimidated as he told that Eiji Nobunishi and his fellow senior club members did the bullying towards Takumi Harada.

Speaking of Nobunishi, Coach Tomura got some stern words towards him regarding the bullying incident. On the other hand, it turns out that the reason Eiji Nobunishi joined the baseball club in the first place so he can have a good reputation upon going to high school, which means that he has no passion on playing the game at all!

With that said, Nobunishi’s actions towards Harada that the principal considered stopping all activities from the baseball club, which includes their withdrawal of the upcoming tournament after the incident has come to light. Yeah, it’s all Eiji’s fault!

Of course, it’s not like Takumi Harada will just sit around and do nothing as he wants to play baseball. But let’s hope that in the next episode, the baseball club will resume activities.

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