Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! Episode #06

Hello guys and girls, today’s episode introduces Mizuki Usami’s rival in the form of a transfer student named Maria Imari!

Yes, she looked so cute but have you noticed her right hand covering her right eye? Well, I have to speculate that she has chuunibyou or “fourteen-sick” syndrome where Maria pretends that she has powers on her right eye. She should have wore an eyepatch!

In any case, Maria Imari is interested in Subaru Uchimaki as both of them have similar tastes in anime and manga.

Just kidding, I think Maria believes that Subaru has some kind of hidden power within his body, which basically wants to channel her chuuni behavior to Uchimaki-kun!

Meanwhile, here’s Mizuki Usami and she’s flustered that Subaru is being taken away by a transfer student!

But wait, Uchimaki loves 2D girls so it’s not like he has any interest in Imari… unless he digs her “fourteen-sick” persona.

One last thing, it turns out that Maria Imari is also athletic as she jumps so high that Maria can almost reach the balloon!

And look, she did grab the balloon! Looks like both Uchimaki and Usami, plus that kid who wanted his balloon back, have drop their jaws in awe. 10 out of 10, ladies and gentlemen!

Gotta say, Mizuki Usami has a rival now! Then again, the fact that there’s no Yumeko Tachibana on this episode is sad…

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