Alderamin on the Sky Episode #06

Let’s start this week’s episode with Haroma Becker! Sure that she’ll be a military nurse soon, but look how Haroma has a well-stacked breasts there!

Anyways, Ikta Solork and his friends are assigned at the Northern Region for six months as they must defend not only soldiers from the Kioka Republic, but also Sinack warriors who doesn’t like the Katjvarna Empire standing on their turf.

Oh yeah, he’s greeted by 1st Lt. Senpa Sazaluf who is the commander of the 9th illumination company. Why they needed lights on the battlefield where they’ll get spotted by the enemy is beyond my scope of knowledge!

Meanwhile, seems that the welcome party has been crashed by this boastful Warrant Officer named Deinkun Hargunska, who challenged Yatorishino Igsem to a duel!

Oh yeah, and Deinkun offered two swords to Yatori, but she needed only one as using two swords is reserved to multiple enemies fighting at once.

Nevertheless, Yatorishino shows that the Igsem-style of sword-fighting cannot be easily messed with even if she’s wielding a single wooden sword!

See, Deinkun Hargunska couldn’t stand a chance against Yatorishino Igsem as his broadsword got smacked away from his hands.

But hey, there’s no hard feelings for him as Deinkun is impressed on Yatori’s swordsmanship!

Now then, it’s time for those young recruits (plus some few Imperial Knights) to march across the mountainous range of the Northern Region. C’mon, Katjvarna Empire needs a show of power against their enemies!

Unfortunately, there’s one person missing in this platoon… and that’ll be Ikta Solork in which he went back to headquarters to save someone.

That person is none other than Private 1st Class Kanna Temari as her collection of books are being taken away by a douchebag and sell them to a higher price. Oh yeah, there’s one particular book that Kanna likes which authored by Anarai Khan titled “Great Alafatra Survey Records”.

By the way, Anarai Khan is actually Ikta Solork’s mentor who teach him about the world of science before disappearing. Like I said last week, scientists like Anarai Khan are branded as heretics and they’re facing prejudice from the Church of Alderamin and the Katjvarna Empire. So yeah, Kanna Temari doesn’t like her favorite book being sold or burned by zealots!

But don’t worry though as Ikta Solork has arrived to save the day. While he’s a bit scrawny, Ikta has many ways to beat an enemy…

…like putting a tarantula on top of this officer’s head and into his uniform, which scared out of his wits until he ran away!

With that said, Ikta Solork has saved Kanna Temari and her book collection. Maybe next time, she should hide her collection somewhere like under her mattress or something!

Meanwhile, 1st Lt. Senpa Sazaluf has caught up with Ikta Solork for disobeying orders and now he’s gonna place him inside the prison cell.

For an Imperial Knight and a warrant officer, Ikta Solork couldn’t escape the clutches of punishment!

Then again, seems that Ikta’s curious about seeing what’s inside of this particular cell.

Who is this person that Ikta recognized inside the cell? I hope it’s not Anarai Khan because he’s seeking asylum at the Kioka Republic in exchange for his research!

One last thing, here’s Nanaku Daru as the leader of the Sinack Tribe are planning to expel the barbarians from the Katjvarna Empire. After all, she doesn’t like brash foreigners stepping into the mountains!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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