Kuromukuro Episode #19

Well it seems that Yukina’s friends and family will have to go home ’cause she’s being abducted by Efidolg, which they mistook her for Muetta as both of them have the same DNA surprisingly enough!

Then again, Efidolg has no idea that they abduct a mere human like Yukina Shirahane instead of rescuing their actual comrade.

Meanwhile, Mirasa couldn’t believe that Muetta (which is not by the way) has returned. So, she decided to kill Muetta for good!

Then again, looks like Mue- I mean Yukina-chan escaped from the chamber. Of course, Yukina will have to evade enemies in the nude!

Well Mirasa, you’re such an idiot for failing to kill an intruder like Yukina Shirahane!

Meanwhile, Muetta regained consciousness after getting blood laced with nano-machines from someone else.

While she’s still strapped to a bed for security concerns, I wanna know who gave blood to Muetta?

Oh, it’s Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma who believes that Muetta is still Yukihime, even though she doesn’t remember anything of being a princess to the Washiba Clan.

One more thing, it turns out that Kennosuke has nano-machines inside his body, which not only gives him regenerative abilities but also provide access to the black Glongur. I’m gonna give thanks to the masked demon for modifying his body (if that’s proven true), but I still don’t know what his agenda is.

Speaking of Muetta, Dr. Hausen was surprised that her wound are healed and the poison is gone. By the way, the poison is actually made with virus nano-machines that eats away the cells faster than any venom.

Thanks to Kennosuke’s blood, Muetta’s life is saved but she won’t give thanks to an enemy like Kennosuke that easily.

Now then, let’s focus on Sophie Noël as it seems that the commander told her to go home because Sophie’s parents are worried about their daughter. Heck, even Toshiyuki “Sebastian” Mozuki is sad that he won’t serve Sophie anymore.

Then again, Sophie wants to fight and see the end of this conflict. I mean, she recently got a message from someone else…

…which happened to be the masked demon, who identifies himself as Zeringer Mundef Bischlei. Looks like he’s not Takehito Shirahane which means that what he’s saying about Yukina’s father being dead back in Episode 9 is actually true.

But then again, how come he possess one of Takehito Shirahane’s watches as well as his diary in the first place? This intrigue me one bit coming from Zeringer or Zell!

In any case, it seems that Zeringer Mundef Bischlei existed 450 years ago when Efidolg made contact with the Earthlings, right up to the present day where he collected some stuff like television and even Takehito’s diary. Yeah, he’s immortal and no wonder he knows stuff like cosplay! *shudders*

On the other hand, while he’s clearly an enemy to Efidolg (don’t know if the masked demon came from Efidolg), Zeringer is watching them the entire time from the day Efidolg returned to Earth. Then again, there’s no clear indication on whether Zeringer is an ally or a rival to Kennosuke.

Well then, Sophie Noël asked Zeringer Mundef Bischlei on what is Efidolg’s true objective regarding the invasion of Earth and the existence of hinge stones. Of course, we’ll leave that on the next episode…

…as Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma took Muetta towards the hanger, with a little help from Paula and Minoru Aramata as they know the hidden passage.

Then again, who told Paula and Minoru Aramata on assisting Kennosuke even though he’ll get court-martial for letting Muetta escape?

Why it’s none other than Hiromi Shirahane as she asked both Kennosuke and Muetta to rescue her daughter, as the United Nations told Hiromi-san to let Yukina go in which she’s furious about it!

Yeah, I’ll be mad if they told me that there’s nothing they can do on rescuing my loved ones. What heartless assholes!

Anyways, both Kennosuke and Muetta piloted the Kuromukuro and surprisingly enough, Muetta can control the geoframe just like Yukina-chan.

But the most surprising revelation is what comes next…

Yeah, this is Princess Yukihime all right and she told Muetta to slay the demons and protect the people from Earth, something that the Efidolg agent couldn’t believe what she’s seeing.

So what does it mean? I have to say that both Yukina Shirahane and Muetta are descendants to Princess Yukihime. While I’m speculating about Efidolg managing to get Yukihime’s DNA which created Muetta, I wonder how Yukina got the same thing as the princess… unless Takehito Shirahane was also a descendant to Yukihime?

With that said, the next episode will be a rescue mission. But wait, where’s Yukina Shirahane?

Oh, she’s still at Efidolg but she’s wearing tattered clothing to cover herself up. I hope she’s alright for next week!

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    It looks like Kennosuke is fixated on the Princess.

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