Ange Vierge Episode #06

Let’s start this week’s episode with Sofina as she’s currently recovering after being saved by Almaria.

Unfortunately, Almaria’s win over her was a fluke. I think Sofina should just accept the result for once!

In any case, it’s time for Elel to take the spotlight as her fellow UC Progress girls travel to the Red World called Terra Rubiri Aurora!

Come to think of it, I feel that Ange Vierge will have a pattern when a certain character must go back to their respective world, confront either a SR or EXR Progress, and save the world from Ouroboros in just two episodes. Then again, some characters like Nya Lapucea and Code Omega 77 Stella will only have one episode of saving their seniors!

Meanwhile, Saya Sougetsu and her UC comrades are trapped in the maze, leaving Elel-chan alone…

…to face Ramiel as this SR Progress has gained black wings. Also, she wants Elel to join the Dark Side because nothing like seeing peer pressure on this anime series. Don’t be a spineless fool, Elel!

Of course, Ramiel felt jealous that while she can’t fly before, Elel has a pair of wings to fly on her own in which Ramiel disdains her. While Ramiel claimed that she’s the only friend that Elel can have, I have to say that being in the Dark Side made her a bitch angel!

But you know what, Elel has friends like Saya Sougetsu and her fellow UC girls, who got out of the maze that Ramiel created just to rescue her angel friend from the Dark Side.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to both Elel’s friends as Ramiel retreats and plans to destroy the Red World. In any case, let’s hope that Elel won’t have to suffer anymore once she saves her senior on the next episode!

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