Here’s Hotaru Rindou, as she’s searching the truth together with Aoi Yaegaki on what cause the Unknown to appear unexpectedly that killed Canaria Utara. I hope that they’ll find it somehow!

On the other hand, here’s Ichiya Suzaku as he vents his frustration by destroying the Unknown. After all, he lost his dear friend Canaria back in Ep. 4!

Now then, let’s continue what we left off from last week’s episode as Maihime Tenkawa and her fellow Tokyo students encountered a flying-type Unknown.

By the way, remember what I told you about the students’ code chip reacting to the incoming enemy? Well, there might be an answer to that!

It turns out that the Unknown sees the code chip as a beacon device, which they have pinpoint accuracy to crush the Tokyo students without fighting back.

Yeah, it’s the cruelest way to die and damn I’m so angry when I remember Canaria got pounced by the Unknown!

Fortunately, Maihime Tenkawa and her two subordinates will take care of the enemy while the rest of Tokyo students, who are either weak or scared to fight, will make their escape.

Glad that Hime stepped up to defend her fellow comrades from the Unknown, although I’m worried that she might get herself killed if Maihime is not careful!

Meanwhile, Airi Yunami was saved by both Ginko and Zakuro from being mince-meat by the Unknown.

Um Airi-san, I think you shouldn’t go outside because it’s very dangerous!

In any case, Airi Yunami is safe but Maihime told her superior to keep her pocket watch, as well as take both Ginko and Zakuro along the ride. First of all, Maihime giving her precious item to Airi Yunami will signal a death flag to her!

On the other hand, Maihime’s pocket watch and the navy coat were belonged to her grandfather in which she considered him as a hero. No wonder why Mahime cried a lot when grandpa passed away before going into cold sleep.

One more thing before I close this episode out is that World powers are manifested from his/her dream sequence during their cold sleep. Still, I’m very worried about Maihime Tenkawa…

…as she’ll defeat the airborne Unknown by herself. I’m hoping that Hotaru Rindou will come to Tokyo and rescue her beloved Hime-chan!

In any case, I’ll leave you here for now as the next episode will determine Maihime Tenkawa’s fate!

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