Rewrite Episode #07

Well, we got some bad news as the Occult Research Club will have its activities suspended as a certain student named Inoue went missing.

Yeah, I forgot to tell you about Inoue from last week’s episode, as she went to the forest to find the toxic swamp before disappearing!

In any case, looks like Koutarou Tennouji and his friends will have to find Inoue by themselves as they returned to the forest. Let’s hope that they’ll find her and get out alive!

Then again, seems that the forest is now populated by wolves now. On the other hand, I feel that Koutarou encountered it before even though the wolves has different fur colors.

But you know what, time for him to run away as fast as possible! It’s a bad idea to kill a pack of wolves hunting Koutarou down!

Oh wait, it’s too late now as the wolves caught up with Tennouji. Where are the girls anyway?

And look, his right arm is getting chewed by the purple wolf. Damn, Koutarou will be a goner soon…

Never mind, seems that he awakened another ability on this crucial moment!

And look, his right arm has claws made of light. It’s awesome, but I don’t know if that’s part of Koutarou’s rewriting powers.

Regardless, he’s okay but Koutarou is worried about the girls!

Now then, he finally found both Lucia Konohana and Shizuru Nakatsu, but it looks like they’re surrounded by raptors.

Koutarou tried to help them but he’s injured after fending off a pack of wolves!

However, both Shizuru and Lucia decided to fight against the dinosaurs, and damn that surprised me so much!

Well, looks like they’ll be fine so it’s time for Koutarou Tennouji to find the others.

And look, he finally found Chihaya Ohtori but where’s Akane Senri and Kotori Kanbe?

Also, she almost knock Koutarou down with a log of wood!

Well, both Akane-san and Kotori-chan are fine but it’s sucks that they didn’t find Inoue. Of course, it’s not yet over though…

…as this wyvern-like creature appeared to kill everyone. Yeah, they should have run away instead of doing chit-chat!

On the other hand, there’s Koutarou Tennouji as he protects Kotori Kanbe from being caught by the monster.

Still, he’s in a bit of danger as the monster is sucking his blood and Koutarou can’t get it off. You know what, he can use his new power to break himself free…

…like his light claw for example. I mean, Koutarou can defend himself against a wyvern!

Then again, someone is already taken care of. Who could that be perhaps?

Why it’s none other that the ribbon girl as she’s here to see Koutarou Tennouji. I bet she wants to bite off his right arm…

…right after the ribbon girl killed this monster. Well, gotta say that it was a piece of cake coming from her.

Unfortunately, the ribbon girl won’t get her daily chomp to Koutarou’s right arm as Kotori told her to stop chasing him.

Well, I have to say that it’s not the right time for her on biting his right arm. Also, looks like Kotori Kanbe can see the ribbon-clad ghost girl just like Koutarou-kun!

Regardless, time for both of them to find the rest of the club members…

Meanwhile, here’s Akane Senri and Chihaya Ohtori as both of them are fine. That’s great news, but they haven’t found Inoue yet!

On the other hand, seems that Lucia and Shizuru are being hostile towards Akane and Chihaya. What does it mean?

Well I have to tell you that both Akane Senri and Chihaya Ohtori are part of Gaia, as the monsters within the forest didn’t attack them. While I knew that Akane is part of Gaia, but it’s surprising to think that Chihaya…

…and even Sakuya are also part of that organization. Then again, Sakuya said that the monsters appearing at the forest have nothing to do with Gaia, which is bullshit because I believe that the organization sent them.

C’mon, they don’t want witnesses even Inoue-san, who is still missing at the end of this episode!

In any case, it’s a shocker for Episode 7. And now, the Occult Research Club is no more after these unfortunate events!

While Koutarou Tennouji will be okay, it’s sucks that he’ll be alone once again…

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