Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #18

Today’s episode is a lot more interesting (but weird at the same time) as Tokyo is being ravaged by a Godzilla-like creature called Rudra…

…which it destroyed old skyscrapers and such. C’mon, it’s a giant monster so you’ll expect explosions and total destruction!

But the truth is that Rudra is actually made with CGI graphics shot via hologram, and also added bombs for a realistic effect.

With that said, Souichirou Sena has some clue that Rudra was one of Hiromitsu Kadoyama’s last work before passing away, but it was shelved due to lack of funds… or so it said.

Joined by Emilia Edelman who’s also a tokusatsu fan, Souichirou Sena thinks that the attack on Tokyo by Rudra was part of Director Kadoyama’s vengeance plot, where he was not only snubbed by then-Economics Minister Takerou Mouri, but he also got his work stolen by Mouri for a redevelopment plan, which I believe that it didn’t happen as Takerou Mouri kept all the funds by himself.

Honestly, I think the Japanese government should crack down on corrupt officials, but they’re so inept on doing it. However, Sena-kun believes that Director Kadoyama is innocent as he met him before.

In fact, it was Hiromitsu Kadoyama who changed Souichirou’s outlook in life as he told him not to be discouraged of being transferred to another unit.

So yeah, Sena wants to clear the director’s name from that horrible incident in Tokyo!

Speaking of Tokyo, Rudra has returned to terrorize the city once again. Of course, Souichirou Sena and Unit 8 are prepared for this as they got some help from the United Self-Defense Force.

Yup, Miho Ooshikoushi is back and while she’s sad that Souichirou Sena becomes a civilian, Miho still wants him like a stalker!

Regardless, the USDF are here to assist Unit 8 whenever the situation arises…

…like giving Sena-kun a big-caliber sniper rifle that can shoot in long distances. Then again, it’s more like a portable rail gun than a sniper rifle!

But thanks to Miho Ooshikoushi’s assistance, Souichirou Sena gets the job done as he shoot a chaff round above Rudra so it can disrupt the hologram and the remote explosives.

Well, I have to say that it’s raining chaff in Tokyo!

Anyways, Rudra is no more and Hiromitsu Kadoyama’s legacy is saved. Of course I’m disappointed that former minister Takerou Mouri wasn’t punished for his crimes.

Also, it seems that this terrorist act isn’t over yet…

…as there’s a Willwear trying to activate the explosives the old fashion way.

Who needs remote control when the terrorist can connect the bombs via wire and make it explode via a push of a button!

Not until Oscar I stop the enemy from destroying Tokyo as Sena-kun made a headshot against the criminal.

Yet, it was too late as it set off the explosives that destroyed one part of the capital.

Looks like the terrorists have won this time, but damn they stole Director Kadoyama’s work for this terrible crime!

As for the perpetrator, it turns out that it’s actually an unmanned Willwear who carried this latest terrorist act.

Gotta say that criminal activities are getting more sophisticated after Logos almost submit Japan to their knees. In fact, there are a few terrorists out there like Bird who carry out these heinous acts!

Speaking of Bird, Tomoki Hachijou has returned to Japan and U have to say that he’ll do Willwear-related crimes in the shadows, while claiming that he’s innocent as Tomoki is being protected by another country.

Regardless of whether that unnamed country is sponsoring him for wrecking havoc in Tokyo or not, I hope Bird will be arrested! Anyways, I’ll see you next week then…

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