NEW GAME! Episode #07

Remember this woman? Well, she’s Umiko Ahagon who is part of Eagle Jump’s programming team.

While the designing team makes interesting characters and monsters, the programming team is responsible for coding the entire game so it can run smoothly without errors.

Speaking of errors, Umiko-san doesn’t like seeing one as she pointed out to Aoba Suzukaze that her character models have issues such as missing materials and such.

In any case, Aoba-chan fixed it right away but I feel that Umiko got a bit stern towards the newbie.

Of course, she doesn’t mind having that angry expression as Umiko doesn’t like anyone who mock her family name. As seen here, Umiko-san unloads a BB bullet onto Kou Yagami’s forehead as punishment for calling her embarrassing family name!

By the way, Umiko-san loves guns but she can’t own real ones because of ownership restrictions in Japan. However, she enjoys playing survival games or even first-person shooters. No wonder Umiko acts like a war veteran!

Meanwhile, Eagle Jump is having their annual medical examination day. Yeah, the girls are ready to take measurements and samples!

On the other hand, some employees are having envy in regards to bust size as Hajime Shinoda stares at Hifumi Takimoto’s breasts.

Yeah, it looks bigger than Hajime Shinoda even though Hifumi doesn’t do much exercise!

But let’s move onto the examination where Hifumi will get her blood pressure from the old nurse.

Then again, Hifumi is too tense to get a good reading of her blood pressure. At least the nurse knows how to calm her patient down…

…compared to this rookie who’s pretty much a wreck when it comes to getting a blood sample.

I think Aoba-chan should calm the nurse down or she might do something unfortunate!

Lastly, seems that Aoba Suzukaze is impressed by Hajime’s slim waist line. Well, she always take exercise from time to time!

Of course, seems that Yun Iijima is jealous that Hajime’s waist is slimmer than hers. Heck, Yun-san even touch it on how slim it is! Better cut down on those sweets, Yun Iijima!

And that’s the end of their medical examination on this week’s episode. However, some of the employees like Yun got some unfavorable results!

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