Masou Gakuen HxH Episode #07

Well, this is interesting as Aine Chidorigafuchi’s dream sequence sees her as a princess. I wonder if she came from the Batlantis Empire?

Speaking of Aine, I have a feeling that she was experimented (or raped) by lecherous men before. Then again, it could be that this is Aine’s previous form before being reverted as a child upon travelling to Earth.

Anyways, this is the Heart Hybrid Gear team from Western United States called the Masters led by Scarlet Fairchild.

Accompanied by Gertrude Baird and Sharon Cunningham, they’re enrolled to Ataraxia Academy as part of a joint operation between the USA and Japan. Of course, it’s not like they’ll act as companions…

Take this heated rivalry between Scarlet Fairchild and Yurishia Farandole as they’re competing for Kizuna Hida’s affection. Both of them are Americans, but it doesn’t matter as they hated each other!

Of course, their rivalry is more that just having a case of bad blood as Scarlet blames Yurishia for abandoning her and the rest of the Masters, so that Yurishia can take all the credit for destroying the Dragorie monster by herself.

Anyways, both Scarlet and Yurishia battle it out, be it in the arcades…

…or even in the dressing room where they show their bikini to Kizuna-kun!

Notice that they have the same swimsuit, which I have a feeling that they’re just being “tsun-tsun” to each other.

Then again, both girls will do nasty things to get ahead like Scarlet yanking that top away, revealing Yurishia’s voluptuous breasts which she’s about to die from embarrassment!

What can I say, Scarlet Fairchild is such a cheeky little bitch!

Even moreso when she dragged Kizuna to the dressing room. Really Scarlet, you want to do it here huh?

See, she really wants to have a Heart Hybrid with Kizuna Hida, although I want Scarlet to show her boobies for a good measure!

Meanwhile, let’s check on the Batlantis Empire where it’s full of women! Don’t know if they killed the guys off for being lecherous bastards?

On the other hand, here’s Grabel who is the commander of the 6th Expeditionary Force in which they invade Lemuria or Earth as we call it over there!

Then again, Aldea wants to have a little fun with Grabel before her next sortie. After all, even pent-up warriors need to blow out some steam!

And what a nice way to relieve stress is to make out with the commander.

Even though Batlantis has no guys to play with, who needs a bunch of men when they can play each other!

Yeah, both Aldea and Grabel are loving it, although it seems that their Hybrid Count wasn’t restored.

Then again, they won’t have to worry such things like being killed off when their Hybrid Count is set to zero. Besides, Nayuta made an inferior copy of their Magitech Armor.

So while they continue their sexual activities, seems that Grabel is planning to find the wielder of the Zeros gear unit and bring her back to the empire.

Speaking of the wielder of Zeros, Aine Chidorigafuchi can’t believe that there’s no history about her. I guess Aine’s current life might be a lie!

Of course, Grabel has the answer as she went to Lemuria or Earth to retrieve Aine Chidorigafuchi.

Then again, Ataraxia Academy says “no” on handing over Aine to some invaders, so Grabel convinced them the hard way…

…by beating up both Gertrude Baird and Sharon Cunningham until they can’t stand up again.

Even though Commander Grabel did a horrible thing, Ataraxia still refused her demands as it made them angry!

Hell, even Scarlet Fairchild got infuriated by having her team-mates brutally beaten that she she loads a full salvo onto Grabel!

But alas, even pumping more lead and bombs won’t do much as Grabel wipe it off with a single stroke.

Next time Scarlet, try to conserve ammunition as you just became a sitting duck after unloading all of it onto the enemy!

Now, Commander Grabel fires back at Scarlet. Looks like she won’t survive this attack!

However, Kizuna Hida deflected most of Grabel’s attack until he was knocked down. Minutes later, Scarlet was knocked out of commission!

Sorry Kizuna, but your sacrifices to save Scarlet are in vain!

Meanwhile, here’s Aine Chidorigafuchi as she make her counter-attack.

While I wanted Aine to stay at the academy since Grabel wants her badly, but there’s nothing we could do but to let her fight!

Unfortunately for Aine, she couldn’t beat Grabel due to their difference in strength and experience…

..and therefore Aine got stomped pretty badly from the commander!

While Grabel wanted Aine to go back to Batlantis, I think she should reconsider that the Zeros gear userr is weak so it’s not worthy of taking her back to their homeland!

Lastly, here’s Kizuna Hida as he fights back to rescue Aine Chidorigafuchi from Grabel…

…but to no avail. Well I could say that it was a wipe-out for both the Masters and the Amaterasu team as Grabel leaves the battlefield. Yeah, she won’t take Aine to Batlantis for the time being!

Well everyone, looks like Commander Reiri Hida and her staff will need to work with a plan of beating those Magitech Armor-clad warriors from the Batlantis Empire. In any case, I’ll see you next week as I can’t believe that this ecchi anime has gone serious!

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