Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Episode #03

Here’s the real Char Aznable as he is finding his documents for enrolling to Zeon Military Academy. Too bad that Char won’t find it…

…as he was killed by agents linked to the Zabi Family, thinking that Char Aznable is Casval Rem Deikun.

Anyways, where’s the real Casval Rem Deikun or should I say Edward Mass?

Well, he joined the Zeon Military Academy under the guise of Char Aznable. Yeah, he sure duped the real Char by doing the good old switcheroo!

But you know what, the real Char Aznable will get flunked anyway as Casval Rem Deikun, now known as Char Aznable is the phenom within his class, acing all subject three times faster than a normal able-bodied person can do.

On the other hand, he also befriended Garma Zabi who was once antagonized him for being good at everything, despite being supported by his own family.

But after a field exercise gone horribly wrong which Char Aznable saved him, Garma Zabi became buddies with the blue-eyed ace. Yeah, Garma and Char are friends during their academy years, but let’s just say that their friendship won’t last long!

Meanwhile, here’s Gihren Zabi as he wasn’t impressed with Dozle’s latest project which is the development of the mobile suit.

Therefore, Gihren wanted the MS Project to be cancelled due to having an engine being strapped with wires on the back. This is bad news for Dozle Zabi as all of their hardwork will be brought to nothing and let’s face it, the Autonomous Republic of Zeon’s military force wasn’t as good as the Earth Federation at that time.

However, there’s one particular physics scientist named Dr. Trenov Y. Minovsky where his expertise have helped the engineers of developing an ultra-compact nuclear fusion reactor.

This nuclear fusion reaction is not only small that’ll fit within the mobile suit frame, but it’s slightly more efficient than previous reactors.

With that said, Dozle Zabi’s mobile suit project has been saved. However, the Republic of Zeon and the whole Side 3 is in turmoil.

In fact, the inhabitants wanted independence after losing Zeon Zum Deikun, as well as a series of accidents made by Earth Federation Space Force during that time period. Well, Zeon got “fed up” by their incompetence!

But instead of giving in to Side 3’s demands, the Earth Federation simply quelled the protesters with smoke grenades and machine gun fire. Yeah, it’s brutal but that’s how it goes in the Universal Century!

Tired of being chew-toys to the Federation, Garma Zabi rallied his fellow students to rebel against them by capturing their military base.

Actually, Char Aznable urged Garma to stage a coup due to having links with the Zabi Family. But hey, nothing like having the class representative leading the rebels as Char will do the dirty work of making a good strategy in order to destroy the Fedeation troops stationed in Side 3!

Speaking of Char Aznable, there’s one person who knows about his real identity. This is Lino Fernandez, Char’s fellow class-mate who is surprised that the heir of Zeon Zum Deikun is here in Side 3.

On the other hand, this is where Char got his famous goggles from Lino. It suits him but I think Lino Fernandez need to keep his mouth shut that Char Aznable is Casval Rem Deikun. Revealing his identity would make the Zabi Family very furious especially Kycilia!

Anyways, it’s time to stage a coup against the corrupt Earth Federation. But first, someone needs to distract Superintendent Dozle Zabi…

Fortunately, Zenna Mia is the only person who can stop Dozle with her cute looks. Not just cute looks, but Zenna is ranked 8th in her final exam so she has the brains to distract him.

Of course, Dozle Zabi will eventually learn about the attempted coup against the Federation. Alas, it’s already happening…

…as Garma Zabi, Char Aznable, and their fellow military students have taken out most of soldiers from the Federation with swift tactics and little bit of shock-and-awe!

On the other hand, here’s Lino Fernandez as he received orders from Char Aznable to capture a tank and continue the assault.

Lino did capture the enemy tank and he’s ready to unleash more hell against the Federation.

Unfortunately, this is where Char Aznable ends his association with Lino Fernandez because he knows too much about Char’s identity!

Therefore, he ordered the troops to destroy the tank where Lino is in it. Sorry Lino Fernandez, but your existence will be a pain in the ass to Char Aznable’s plan for revenge against the Zabi Family!

By the time Lino was unceremoniously killed by his fellow classmates, the assault is finally over.

Here’s Dozle Zabi being accompanied by Zenna Mia as he’s furious that his students staged a stupid hostile takeover of a Federation military base!

But you know what, it wasn’t just a half-assed assault of a Side 3 garrison base as thanks to Char Aznable’s military brilliance, that assault puts the Earth Federation down to it knees!

And that my friends is Episode 3 of Gundam: The Origin as I’m impressed on how Char Aznable started his military career in style! Heck, his actions have shaped the Autonomous Republic of Zeon into a powerhouse which will lead Side 3 into a war with the Earth Federation.

Of course, there’s one more episode to go as while Char and his fellow class-mates will graduate with flying colors, they’ll become a force to be reckoned with once Dozle Zabi’s mobile suit project have finished its development.

One last thing, here’s Amuro Ray as he’s about to spend his days as a Spacenoid in Side 7 together with father Tem.

Too bad that we’ll never gonna see the Origin version of the RX-78-2 Gundam in action on this OVA series!

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