Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! Episode #07

Nice to see Yumeko Tachibana again as she cheers for both Subaru Uchimaki and Mizuki Usami for the upcoming competition!

Sadly, Tachibana-sensei couldn’t pronounce “Aim for gold” correctly as she’s fumbling with words most of the time. I feel your pain, Yumeko-chan!

On the other hand, there are a few jerkasses like this guy who claimed that Subaru’s artwork are full of trash, all while he boast around that his paintings are better.

I think this guy is a troll and he’s merely a poser who wanted to feel superior to Uchimaki-kun!

Of course, it doesn’t stop Usami for getting angry at him and so she accepted the challenge to see who’s number one!

Um Mizuki-chan, I think that guy set you and Subaru-kun up for a humiliating trap!

In any case, time for Subaru-kun to make another waifu masterpiece with Mizuki assisting him.

Then again, having his latest waifu wearing nothing but a bikini won’t win awards, not even first place!

So, Usami got a solution as she wears a maid uniform for inspiration. Well, having elegant clothing is a nice choice for Uchimaki’s next piece!

On the other hand, Mizuki looked like a sitting doll. Yeah, that’ll motivate Subaru for finishing his latest waifu art!

In the end, Subaru Uchimaki got first place at an art competition. All I can say that Mizuki’s maid uniform did work out well!

Oh yeah and as for that guy who challenged Subaru? Well, he got nothing which proves that he’s a show-off with a big ego.

Well then, time for the Art Club to celebrate now that Subaru’s artwork got the grand prize! And remember, never mess with his waifu artwork!

One last thing, here’s Maria Imari as it’s proven that she has chuunibyou or “fourteen-sick” syndrome. Well, I knew that Maria has one!

I mean, look at Imari’s right arm being covered with bandages in order to seal the Black Dragon within her own body!

On the other hand, seems that Colette-chan was so impressed on Maria Imari, that she calls her “Master Imari” after witnessing her Black Dragon powers leaking out!

Yeah, let’s pretend that Maria’s powers is going out of control! By the way, where’s Yumeko-sensei?

Oh, she’s still stuttering on how to pronounce “Aim for gold!” right. While it’s great to see Yumeko-sensei taking a bath, I felt pity towards this cute teacher for having her tongue twisted!

Anyways, I’ll see you next week for Episode 8!

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