Alderamin on the Sky Episode #07

Remember Warrant Officer Deinkun Hargunska? Well, he has returned after being beaten by Yatorishino Igsem on last week’s episode!

Now, he’s challenging Torway Remion to a sword fight, but he told the warrant officer to challenge him in a chess match. Sadly, Deinkun Hargunska lost the match!

Meanwhile, here’s Ikta Solork as he got a hard time with Senpa Sazaluf. Well, he looks so constipated after a long lecture with 1st Lt. Sazaluf.

Oh yeah, it turns out that what he saw at the cell are actually fire and wind spirits belonged to the Sinack Tribe, which I have a feeling that Katjvarna Empire are planning to crush the tribe in the northern region now that they have no spirits to assist them. And it’s not just a simple quelling of rebels, what the empire will do is basically genocide!

Speaking of spirits, Private 1st Class Kanna Temari find it weird that both the Sinack Tribe and the Church of Alderamin have those. However, the main difference is that the Sinacks revered the spirits very much as they don’t worship Alderamin, while the Alderans treated them as messengers from their chief god.

But come to think of it, I feel that the Aldera religion adopted the four great spirits as an afterthought. Of course, Kanna Temari won’t find out why the Church of Alderamin have the spirits in the first place, as she’ll be deployed soon…

By the way, the silver-haired man is Major Yuskshiram Toakk who is about to negotiate with the local tribesmen.

After all, the Katjvarna Empire needs to appease with the Sinack Tribe!

Unfortunately, the Sinacks are fed up with the Katjvarna Empire and so they decided to start their rebellion by killing Major Toakk and his men first.

Well, things are escalating quickly as expected!

Never mind, it’s already escalated as Yatorishino Igsem found out that Major Yuskshiram Toakk and his men have been slaughtered.

But you know what, the Katjvarna Empire have expected this situation to happen, so I won’t be surprised if they’ll do a great purge of the Sinack Tribe in the northern region!

In any case, looks like the rebellion by the Sinack Tribe has begun, as Nanaku Daru declared a holy war against the Katjvarna Empire for taking their spirits (or Hahashiku) away from them.

While the Sinacks have the terrain advantage, the Katjvarna Empire have strength in numbers so it’ll be a close fight unless the empire do something horrible against the tribesmen! Anyways, let’s hope that we won’t see the worst scenario on the next episode.

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