BATTERY Episode #06

Last week, the Nitta East Middle School’s baseball club got suspended after Takumi Harada got bullied by senior members.

While Takumi couldn’t tell his mother what happened as she might force him to quit the club, I have to say that every mother is worried about their children getting harassed in both physically and emotionally in a daily basis. Mrs. Harada is no different and I have to say that she’s worried about her son!

Now then, let’s go to Nitta East Middle School where the baseball club is resuming its club operations.

Meanwhile, Coach Makoto Tomura asked Takumi Harada to throw his best pitch. Sadly, he’s not impressed a single bit!

And to make matters worse, it seems that Coach Otomurai and Takumi are at odds with each other, although Coach Tomura didn’t kick him out of the club for his insubordination. Sure that he let Harada-kun play even though he didn’t cut his hair, but Coach Otomurai couldn’t stand to Takumi’s arrogance!

On the other hand, Takumi questioned Coach Tomura if he’s serious on making a winning baseball team. But you know what, I think Takumi Harada should learn that teamwork is important in baseball ’cause if you want to win a match, you have to work together with your teammates!

Meanwhile, looks like Eiji Nobunishi has decided to quit the baseball club so he can focus on his upcoming entrance exam for his chosen high school.

Actually, the reason why he’ll resign is because Eiji couldn’t stand to Takumi any longer. And also, he doesn’t care about playing with his teammates to begin with.

Of course, Kazuki Kaionji couldn’t accept it and tries to convince his friend to stay longer. Alas, Nobunishi left the baseball club. It can’t be helped considering that he’s aiming high with academics!

Now then, Nitta East Middle School’s baseball club has resumed its activities, but they couldn’t find a team to stage a friendly match as Nitta East’s baseball team are currently weak at the moment.

On the other hand, there’s Yokoteni Middle School as Shugo Kadowaki and his team will gladly accept Nitta East’s challenge… if they could strike him out of course.

Naturally, that’s where Takumi Harada comes into play as he can throw a fastball that’s almost 140 kph!

Sadly, Kadokawa prevails as Harada’s fastballs couldn’t beat the ace from Yokoteni. I have to say that Nitta East Middle School will have a long way to go if they want to win a championship!

I’ll see you next week but it seems that Gou Nagakura is disappointed with Takumi’s pitching. Then again, Gou might have trouble catching his pitch as well.

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