Kuromukuro Episode #20

Looks like Zeringer Mundef Bischlei will have to leave, but not before telling Sophie Noël that Efidolg wants total domination of Earth.

Oh, and it turns out that he came from another planet that was conquered by Efidolg. Now that’s something!

In any case, Zeringer has left the building before Toshiyuki “Sebastian” Mozuki went to Sophie’s room.

Of course, he didn’t just escape as he left a USB flash drive for Sophie Noël. Does it contain notes on how to defeat Efidolg? We’ll find that out!

Meanwhile, here’s Yukina Shirahane as while she’s still inside the base, Yukina stumbled upon a chamber that only she can use. Hmm, something’s fishy inside this room!

Anyways, Yukina gain access to the chamber’s console where shows the true purpose of the hinge stones. Could it be used to power up a weapon or restore their home planet?

Nope, it turned out to be a beacon device for the main forces to teleport instantly and completely crush Earth and dominate its inhabitants.

Yeah, it’s a letdown but come to think of it, completing the hinge stones would turn Earth into this same situation as pictured above. I’ll tell you, it’s scary!

On the other hand, Yukina encountered something horrifying that she ran away upon seeing it…

It’s Princess Yukihime’s head. Yeah, that grossed me out but it appears that there’s confirmation on what happened to the princess.

Come to think of it, the chamber is made by Yukihime and only Yukina and/or Muetta can access it so that they’ll know Efidolg’s true objective.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Kuromukuro has been retrieved thanks to Muetta.

Well, looks like Yoruba, Mirasa, and the frontier leader Lefil have finally worked their brains as what they captured is actually an intruder!

Speaking of Muetta, she’s questioning to her leader on why the black Glongur has stored memories of Yukihime, and why she looked similar to the princess in the first place?

Well, Lefil answered that Efidolg planted seeds of their kind to other planets including Earth, so that they could guide them to the right path which is invade other planets. Also, he told Muetta that what she saw inside the Glongur was a lie.

But you know what, I think that what Lefil said that they spread their genes across the galaxy was actually a lie and an excuse to justify their domination towards Earth! Hell, they forgot about their homeland unless their planet is already destroyed due to neglect!

Anyways, looks like the jig is up for Muetta as her guest Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma just got out of Kuromukuro and started attacking the enemy from the inside.

Yeah, Lefil and Yoruba couldn’t believe that their fellow frontier officer betrayed them!

Well, the only thing that Muetta can do is hold off the enemy and run away. Let’s hope that she’ll stay alive at the end of this episode!

Meanwhile, here’s Yukina Shirahane as she decent clothes to wear (which is a bodysuit) and a sword to defend herself.

Also, seems that Tom Borden’s training has paid off for Yukina-chan as she sneaks away from the enemy.

Then again, her sneaky escaped just cut off by Mirasa, but good thing Yukina-chan put that sword into good use.

Of course, she could just swing her sword but that would be bad as Mirasa might find an opening and kill Yukina-chan right there!

Fortunately, Kennosuke made in the nick of time to rescue Yukina0chan. Looks like his objective is complete and now it’s time to go back home!

Also joining Yukina and Kennosuke is Muetta as she’s branded as a traitor already. Having Muetta as an ally is a good thing!

Well then, Yukina thanked Kennosuke for saving her from Efidolg. Then again, she can’t tell him about Yukihime as she’s reduced to a severed head!

In any case, Kennosuke will return to Earth together with Yukina-chan and Muetta!

Oh yeah, and it appears that the winged geoframe have rescued Kuromukuro from being blasted away from Earth. Don’t know if Zeringer Mundef Bischlei pilot that winged geoframe.

One last thing, Sophie Noël brought the USB flash drive to Commander Graham, but it seems that it maybe too late as Lefil and the remaining officers commenced their big operation of getting all of the hinge stones.

So with Efidolg getting closer to Earth, this series is reaching its climax! Let’s hope that the remaining episodes will be good!

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