Ange Vierge Episode #07

Well, looks like Elel got sad as Ramiel hates her for being a liar. Now, she thinks that Saya Sougetsu doesn’t consider her as a friend.

Really Elel, I think Saya-chan and your fellow UC Progress are worried about you! Not only that, their friendship with you is real!

Look at Saya Sougetsu for example as she’s cheering Elel up by showing her Chain Luminous technique. Yeah, looks amazing!

But what’s more amazing is that Elel copied Saya’s Chain Luminous technique thanks to her Yell Friend ability.

While I can say that angels in the Red World can copy someone’s abilities, I think it shows that Saya do care for Elel! It goes to show that there’s true friendship among the UC girls!

But now, let’s move onto the serious stuff as Ramiel is now destroying the world crystal.

Much like before, Terra Rubiri Aurora will be gone once its crystal is destroyed, so it’s up to Saya Sougetsu and her friends to stop Ramiel!

Then again, it looks like Elel will confront her fellow angel by herself, as Saya and her UC buddies are busy beating-up small fries who went to the Dark Side!

Now then, Elel has no chance to beat Ramiel due to their difference in ranking. I would like to say rarity, but that’s applied to the card game version!

So, Elel tries to convince Ramiel-sempai on returning to her normal self. Elel doesn’t mind if Ramiel has a single wing as long as she tries to understand her senior no matter what!

In any case, I’m hoping that the power of friendship will rescue Ramiel from the Dark Side!

And look, seems that Ramiel understands Elel. All I can say is that “Friendship is Magic!”

Anyways, the Red World has been liberated from the Ouroboros and Ramiel is saved by the power of friendship!

Oh, and let’s not forget about Ramiel losing her clothes after being rescued from the Dark Side! C’mon, it happens all the time, right SILVER LINK?

In any case, there’s two more worlds to be saved… unless Ouroboros staged another surprised attack at the Blue World just like last time!

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