Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #08

And now, this episode start with Saint Snow’s performance as Seira and Ria Kazuno shows how it’s done as a school idol in Tokyo.

I have to say, Ria’s rapping and Seira’s captivating voice sent chills down to my spine!

On the other hand, here’s Aqours’ debut in Tokyo as while they showed their stuff, it seems that they couldn’t beat the Tokyo representatives as the judges scored them zero points!

As for Saint Snow, they got 9th place. However, Ria Kazuno felt disappointed to Aqours being dead-last as she thinks that they’re just playing around. What she said might be harsh, but it shows that Chika Takami and her friends aren’t ready yet to take on the school idol competition, especially when they look like µ’s.

Anyways, looks like Chika and her fellow school idols are going home dejected and empty-handed!

Man, what will they tell Dia Kurosawa about this once they returned to Numazu?

On the other hand, seems that Dia knows what happened as she got the same experience two years ago.

In any case, Dia made a school idol group as a way to save Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy from being merged to another school. Together with Mari Ohara and Kanan Matsuura, they become successful in the local scene.

But when they got invited to perform at Tokyo, Dia, Kanan, and Mari were overwhelmed by the city’s level of competition that they couldn’t sing and froze up.

It was that point that they lost the will to perform as school idols, which is why Dia refused to have another idol group at Uranohoshi upon fearing that they might get humiliated. While Chika and her friends didn’t get any stage fright as they perform without any hiccups, my worst fear is that someone might quit after experiencing a humiliating loss!

Meanwhile, here’s Mari Ohara as she wants to get Kanan Matsuura back with a lovely hug from her. C’mon, Kanan did hug Mari when they’re first-year students!

But it seems that Kanan simply went past Mari as she’ll give up on being a school idol because she doesn’t want getting hurt in the long run. Why did you have to diss Mari out, Kanan!?

Still, Mari won’t give up on Kanan as she want her to rekindle the spirit from two years ago. But then again, it’ll be a long way for those third-year students to recover.

Anyways, looks like no one is quitting after what happened to Tokyo, especially for Chika Takami where she wants to continue as a school idol.

Of course, she felt the frustration of losing even though Chika and her team-mates are doing well. But you know what, they can learn from their mistakes and become a better idol group!

With that said, looks like Chika Takami needs a hug from her friends because right now, she needs someone to lean on…

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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