Well everyone, looks like Hotaru Rindou’s expedition will be cut short as she and Aoi Yaegaki are heading to Tokyo and rescue Maihime Tenkawa!

Oh yeah, and it seems that Kasumi Chigusa is joining in because Asuha accidentally left him. Anyways, what happened to Asuha?

Oh, she’s already in Tokyo. However, she’s not aware that Asuha got separated by her brother.

Really Asuha, you should care about Kasumi-niichan for once as he’s dying to see you!

Anyways, Maihime Tenkawa is still in Tokyo as she defends the city by herself until reinforcements arrive.

On the other hand, this particular leader-type Unknown has an ability that’s similar to Canaria Utara.

Unlike Canaria’s World ability however, the leader-type Unknown can debuff the enemy’s strength and it looks like Maihime is getting weak because of it!

Meanwhile, Hotaru Rindou is rushing in towards Tokyo. Of course, using the highway would take time to get there and so she makes her own path instead…

…with some help from the Chigusa siblings and Aoi Yaegaki.

Well, Kasumi came up with an idea of making a bridge that’ll propel Hotaru towards Maihime!

Speaking of Maihime, looks like her code chip got damaged and I have a feeling that she’ll be a goner soon…

Just kidding, Hotaru Rindou rescued Maihime Tenkawa in the nick of time! Thank goodness that she made it!

Now then, looks like this week’s episode of QUALIDEA CODE will have a good ending after all!

All that she need to do is to get Maihime out of Tokyo and return to base.

Unfortunately, seems that Hotaru froze up and she’s about to get crushed by this giant Unknown.

Dammit Hotaru-chan, just get out of here together with Maihime!

Sadly, both Hotaru Rindou and Maihime Tenkawa got crushed by the enemy. Why A-1 Pictures, why!?

On the other hand, seems that Hotaru Rindou realized something that the world they’re living might actually be a lie. It could be that the code chip might have something to do about their perception of their surrounding.

But you know what, this series took a turn for the worse now that three main characters have died. Only the Chigusa siblings and Ichiya Suzaku are left to defend the three cities!

Well then, seems that QUALIDEA CODE is making me depress after this week’s episode. Goddammit, A-1 Pictures!

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