Rewrite Episode #08

Oh noes, a giant asteroid is approaching towards Earth! Who needs finding that Key to restore the planet, when an asteroid is needed to wipe out humanity!

Oh, it’s just a pebble crashing to the ribbon ghost girl’s head! Man, I thought that the world and this series would end…

Anyways, looks like Koutarou Tennouji is finally alone after the disbandment of the Occult Research Club. It’s sucks that Akane Senri and Chihaya Ohtori are at odds with Lucia Konohana and Shizuru Nakatsu, which they returned to their respective organizations and become bitter enemies.

On the other hand, there’s Kotori Kanbe as while she can see the ribbon-clad girl, she disappeared even though Kotori wasn’t involved in the conflict between Gaia and Guardian. Speaking of the ribbon girl, looks like Koutarou found the ghost after following her ribbons…

Then again, seems that meeting her again might be a shocking experience for Koutarou-kun!

Anyways, the ribbon-clad ghost girl is named Kagari and it turns out that she can speak. Then again, Kagari can’t remember anything, which I have to speculate that the pebble might hit her and thus she got amnesia.

Now back to Kagari as it seems that the students at Kazamatsuri High School can see her, including Haruhiko Yoshino.

Then again, he’ll get a beating from Kagari as she doesn’t like being touched other than Koutarou!

So, she slapped Haruhiko with her ribbons until he’s down. Ladies and gentlemen, Kazamatsuri has a new bancho in town!

Meanwhile, Inoue-san has returned safe and sound after disappearing into the forest a few episodes back. Unfortunately, she can’t remember anything including her time as a reporter to the newspaper club.

However, Inoue has something to give to Koutarou-kun, which is actually her memory stick that contains monsters encountered in the forest. Glad that Inoue is safe in the end, but it’s sucks that she didn’t remember about her rivalry with Koutarou Tennouji.

Now that he got some information from Inoue-san, I wonder what happened to the rest of his friends?

But first of all, let me introduce to you to Sakura Kashima who is the leader of the Martel Group, which is basically a front to their fanatic organization Gaia. By the way, Koutarou doesn’t know that his parents are working with the terrorists.

In any case, Sakura Kashima has no time left on this world, so she wants to find a key that will destroy humanity and save the Earth. But if Sakura-san dies, Akane Senri will take her place.

On the other hand, here’s Shimako and I believe that it might be Akane’s sister. But then again, Shimako might get involve with Akane’s plan of restoring mother nature at the expense of human civilization!

Also, both Sakuya and Chihaya Ohtori are back but I have to be honest, I wish that they become friends with Lucia and Shizuru far longer.

Speaking of both Lucia and Shizuru, they’re busy killing monsters as Guardian agents. I have to say that they sure know how to kick ass…

…especially Shizuru Nakatsu where she slay a particular monster that ruined her life!

Still, Shizuru won’t return to her parents even though she got her revenge.

On the other hand, here’s Esaka-san and it turns out that he’s the one who taught Shizuru how to fight. Yeah, I’m surprised to see him being part of Guardian!

Meanwhile, these two fairies named Pani and Gil have returned. However, looks like Sakuya Ohtori locked them up for putting bird poop onto Chihaya’s head.

What can I say, they’re too scared to get out because of Sakuya!

One last thing, here’s Kotori Kanbe and while she’s safe and sound, it looks like Kotori went in hiding to a strange world…

…filled with monsters and weird-looking trees. Come to think of it, I wonder what kind of key that Gaia have been seeking? It could be an object or maybe a person that holds it!

Well then, I’m hoping that next week will have some answers!

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