Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #19

Oh look, it’s Koutarou Inagi as he’s doing his business as the governor of Tokyo.

Unfortunately, some of his enemies within the party want Inagi down and keep the status-quo, which will have officials mishandling funds and make stupid decisions until the city sinks to the grounds.

And also, some terrorists wants the current governor dead because they have nothing much to do but create discourse within Japan!

Fortunately, Governor Inagi has employed competent bodyguards…

…which is Unit 8 as Oscar II apprehend this trouble maker. Yeah, I have to say that Inagi-san sure hired some police personnel who can do their job well!

Also joining Unit 8 is Unit 9 as Asami Kazari and her subordinates are assisting Takeru Kuroki on stopping terrorists. Let’s hope that she won’t go overboard!

Meanwhile, here’s Emilia Edelman as she got better after that Centaur Unit from Ep. 14!

Anyways, both units hold the terrorists for three days until the National Governor Conference in Kanagawa City is over. I have to say, they’re doing a great job!

And since they did splendid work on guarding Governor Inagi during the conference, it’s time for both Unit 8 and 9 to get rewarded with some rest and relaxation at a hotel!

Also joining them is Abigail from Senars Inc., who always love spitting profane language every single time. You can’t blame her, she has limited knowledge in Japanese!

On the other hand, both Emilia Edelman and Haruka Hoshimiya got some stunning bodies! No extra comment on these two…

Lastly, here’s Mythos or Jirou Kuroki and while he’s not an outgoing person, he’s still glued to his laptop.

On the other hand, Mythos found some surveillance drones within the swimming area, which Takeru responded…

…when he grabbed Asami Kazari by the shoulders. Woah, that’s so bold but it won’t find the drone this way!

Oh, Takeru swiped Asami’s top just like that. Um Kuroki-san, I don’t think you’ll find a drone there!

Okay, never mind what I’ve said. Looks like those surveillance drones are used for peeping purposes.

Really, are those voyeurs are getting a tech upgrade by sending drones to spy on women!?

Oh wait, they really did as what the girls saw are pictures of them in their bikinis.

Honestly, that’s unforgivable and if they release it on the web, they’ll get furious! Looks like the girls for Unit 8 and 9 will have to stop that peeping tom!

And the only way to track the perpetrator down is asking former Unit 8 hacker Madoka Amano for help.

Of course, she’s not gonna track down the voyeur with her hacking skills as Madoka will act as a bait!

Speaking of that voyeur, this is the guy who’s responsible for taking pictures of women, especially when he’s taking shots of their breasts and thighs!

Oh and the worst part? Those pictures are used as references for making an ideal female figure for perverted customers. Yeah, that’s the lowest of the low right here!

Unfortunately for this voyeur and his driving companion, the jig is up for both of them as Unit 8 and 9 already track them down.

Of course, Asami Kazari wants them dead for taking pictures of her without permission, but she can’t do that as Asami is a police officer! Sadly, the perpetrators are getting away…

Not to worry though as Chief Rin Yamabuki in her Oscar V Willwear unit will stop that truck by making fast movements..

…so she can blow the criminals away! Gotta say, never mess with the chief of Unit 8!

Of course, there’s only one person who doesn’t like someone taking pictures of her for profit. Yeah, I’m talking about Asami Kazari!

I mean look at her expression? She’s filled with rage that Asami wanted to blast the voyeur’s head with her handgun! But you know what, Asami should put the voyeur and his accomplice behind bars!

And that my friend is the end of this wacky case! Of course, I have a feeling that this one might be a diversion for something far sinister like assassinating Governor Koutarou Inagi.

One more thing, I have a bad feeling that this Chinju guy is plotting to kill Governor Inagi, as he feared that the current Tokyo governor will become the next prime minister of Japan.

Anyways, I’ll see you next week and I hope Tomoki Hachijou will take action so that Unit 8 can apprehend him!

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