NEW GAME! Episode #08

Well, it’s great to see Nene Sakura return on this week’s episode. Yeah, she has summer break in college so it seems that Nenecchi will just go to the beach and enjoy some relaxation…

Then again, looks like Nenecchi wanted to get a part-time job… at Eagle Jump. It’ll be interesting if she work there!

Meanwhile in Eagle Jump, Aoba Suzukaze is doing her usual work of making non-playable characters so it could be checked and approved by Kou Yagami.

On the other hand, Aoba-chan noticed something…

Oh, seems that Nene Sakura is inside Eagle Jump. However, I think Aoba-chan shouldn’t hide from her friend instinctively!

Speaking of Nene, looks like this part-timer was caught by Umiko-san in which she accuse her of being a corporate spy. Oh Umiko-san, I think Nene Sakura should meet her co-workers and Aoba-chan!

By the way, Umiko Ahagon joined Eagle Jump as a corporate spy. Just kidding, she didn’t do espionage during her first year as a programmer!

In any case, looks like Nenecchi is getting accustomed to her workplace. Heck, even Shizuku Hazuki is impressed by the part-timer!

Now then, what will Nene Sakura do at Eagle Jump? Well, something simple…

…like debugging a game so that Fairies Story 3 will be played without any game-breaking bugs!

Gotta say, Nenecchi got a hang of it as she take notes on what glitches she encountered. Then again, finding bugs is a tiring thing to do…

So, Nene Sakura went to the fridge to get some desserts. You can’t find glitches on an empty stomach!

Meanwhile, Nenecchi found something interesting as she positioned the main character behind the tree so that the non-playable character Sophia will be safe from monsters.

It’s a great strategy that Aocchi is impressed that her original character Sophia won’t be killed!

Unfortunately, bugs will be bugs as Rin Touyama told them that it’ll be fixed so that the story will continue. I guess Sophia didn’t escape from her fate!

Also, she told Aoba not to leave her desk as she’s working under the clock. Eagle Jump doesn’t like employees getting out of their workstation just to take a long break!

On the other hand, there’s Kou Yagami as she’s depressed that someone stole her pudding.

Hmm, I hope that person would bring Yagami’s dessert back!

On the contrary, seems that Nene Sakura is acting nervous for some reason. Could it be that she stole her pudding?

Oh wait, Nenecchi did it… Oh and she already ate Kou Yagami’s pudding! Guess that there’s no other choice for Nene but to apologize in secret… by buying her another one!

In any case, looks like Nene Sakura will have loads of fun working at Eagle Jump… until summer break is over that is!

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