Macross Delta Episode #21

Oh shit, King Heinz Nerich Windermere II is getting weaker after pushing himself as the Wind Singer!

Looks like Keith Aero Windermere won’t like this news quite a bit!

Yeah, he’s pissed that his brother’s body is deteriorating. On top of that, Keith accuses Lord Roid Brehm of stabbing King Gramia in the back. However in Lord Roid’s defense, he euthanize the former King so that he can inherit Gramia’s goal for the future of Windermere. Then again, it must be his ego running out of control!

One more thing, it seems that Windermere’s mind control system has taken a new level now that they can control Var-infected inhabitants while they’re closer to death. Of course, that’ll put a strain to King Heinz’s body in which he collapsed afterwards along with the civilians in Al-Shahal.

Damn, it would turn into a worst-case scenario if the king dies together with all of the humanoid species within the Brisingr Globular Cluster! Looks like Roid will have to find a replacement fast… or he’ll just continue to push Heinz further!

Meanwhile, it looks like their rescue mission of Mikumo Guynemer has failed now that Kaname Buccaneer got arrested together with Makina Nakajima and Reina Prowler.

On the other hand, Kaname is reminiscing those times when Walkure wasn’t a well-known tactical sound unit/idol group…

Moments like doing harsh training that’s similar to AKB0048, except that they’re considered as professional soldiers and not conscripted ones.

Also, there are times that their song wasn’t powerful enough to sway the enemy into lowering their weapons. It was a hellish period for Walkure, but the likes of Makina, Reina, and Kaname have succeeded of reaching this far!

Of course, there are two members who didn’t stay as they’re too scared to continue as idols: Claire Puddle and Lily DuGrand.

Gotta say that it’s sucks to have two members leave. Now if Kawamori-sensei turned Walkure into a 7-member idol group, these two girls will be sticking around until the end of this show!

By the way, Mikumo Guynemer has fully-recovered and it seems that she’s picking up the remaining Walkure members for the next mission. Oh and don’t worry, Lady M told the higher-ups to release Kaname, Makina, and Reina so that they can continue their singing duties.

Oh yeah, and I have some secret to tell in regards to Mikumo Guynemer as it turns out that Mikumo is actually an artificial being, created using fold receptors when she was just a cell. Yeah, that can’t be happening, but I wonder who made her like this in the first place? I mean, there’s a shady group within the New United Nations that did some horrible experiments.

One last thing, looks like Lord Roid Brehn witnessed a shocking event: it’s the appearance of the Star Singer. What does it mean?

Then again, there won’t be an explanation of that on the next episode!

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