Masou Gakuen HxH Episode #08

This ain’t good for Scarlet Fairchild’s teammates as both Gertrude Baird and Sharon Cunningham are out of commission!

On the other hand, Kizuna Hida has finally recovered, but he needs her help for something. What could it be?

Well, Scarlet will doing a Heart Hybring with Kizuna… and Yurishia!

Officially, they’ll do a Connective Hybrid but I wanna call it as a threesome. Are you mad now, Issei Hyoudou?

In any case, let’s start by rubbing their bodies together. And if you think think that this one is tame…

…you’d better look forward for the next one after their tops are off. See, Yurishia Farandole is getting ready!

Also, Kizuna prepare some footage that highlights Yurishia’s friendship with Scarlet Fairchild!

It turns out that Yurishia didn’t betray Scarlet as she’s worried about her junior firing missiles above a civilian area as well as getting overwhelmed by the enemy. So, Yurishia ordered Scarlet and her team-mates to retreat, but she didn’t expect the Dragorie to appear and attack the Masters.

Yes, it’s all Yurishia Farandole’s fault, but she didn’t have any ulterior motives as Yurishia still cares for Scarlet. In any case, they reconciled after clearing up their misunderstandings!

And now, it’s time for the main event where we start off with Scarlet Fairchild sucking Kizuna Hida’s fingers. All I can say that it’s giving me a hard-on!

Of course, this would would give you a boner that’ll last for hours as Yurishia Farandole is on top of Kizuna Hida. What she’ll do next?

She’s gonna use her American-size tits to rub Kizuna’s penis. Yeah, that work well for Yurishia’s boobies!

Also, looks like Kizuna is rubbing Scarlet’s tummy all the way to her pussy!

Of course, we’re now reaching the climax as both girls as Kizuna on which breasts he’ll suck first.

But you know what, screw choosing over which tits are the best. This is a Connective Hybrid, so it’s best for him to suck both Scarlet and Yurishia’s tits!

See, it’s the only option left for Kizuna Hida… and it works ’cause that’s how you achieve a Connective Hybrid!

Anyways, this threesome play has ended as Kizuna, Yurishia, and Scarlet’s Hybrid Count has restored!

And look, they’re completely refreshed after long hours of fondling and other erotic stuff.

Nothing like having pseudo-sexual activities to brighten up their day! Now that they’re fully-recovered…

…it’s time for Round 2 against Grabel as she’ll take Aine Chidorigafuchi to Batlantis Empire! I mean, she wants the Zeros user to their side so bad!

Not to worry though as Scarlet Fairchild has unlocked Ares’ Immoral Weapon… which is basically a giant cross-shaped missile launcher!

Fortunately, Scarlet overwhelmed Grabel as she’s being chased down at a frantic speed!

Grabel shoots some of the missiles down, but she can’t destroy all of them.

However, Aldea blocked most of Scarlet’s missiles with her barrier. Damn, I forgot about her!

But there’s nothing to worry about as Yurishia Farandole summoned her Immoral Weapon, which is a battering ram/cannon that’s shaped like a 3D cross!

Of course, pitting Yurishia’s Immoral Weapon against Aldea’s barrier would be a tough one.

After all, the Batlantis Empire has advanced technology that pales in comparison to Earth!

In any case, looks like there’s an explosion. Did Yurishia Farandole got beaten?

Nope, it’s Aldea as she was struck by Yurishia’s Immoral Weapon. Looks like Grabel is pretty pissed as she carries her fainted comrade!

Oh, and she’s getting serious too as Grabel summons her Sword Gatling. Come to think of it, I wonder if Batlantis’ Magitech Armor has Immoral Weapons too?

Unfortunately for Grabel, she didn’t take Kizuna Hida for account as he used his body to block her shot.

He might be weak than most of the Heart Hybrid Gear users, but Kizuna is tougher than you think!

One more thing, looks like he inherits both Cross and Ares’ abilities as he summoned a barrage of missiles and other weapons. Not including the kitchen sink though!

And look, Grabel couldn’t believe that a mere man like Kizuna can use a Heart Hybrid Gear’s weapons to its full extent! Enjoy a missile massacre, Commander Grabel!

Well then, looks like Grabel got wrecked by Kizuna Hida! Gotta say that they shouldn’t mess with Lemuria or Earth as they’ll take their land back!

For now, both Grabel and Aldea will make their getaway back to their own dimension. Of course, they’ll be back to not only capture Aine Chidorigafuchi, but also terrorize Ataraxia Academy again!

Now then, who’s looking forward for a threesome with Kizuna, Aine, and Hayuru on the next episode? Then again, it might not happen at all!

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