BATTERY Episode #07

Seems that Shugo Kadowaki wants to have an exhibition match against Nitta East Middle School, even though he hit Takumi Harada’s fourth pitch from last week’s episode.

While his team-mate Shun will oppose having a match much like the school won’t allow it, Shugo said that he’ll take responsibility. Therefore, Nitta East will have a friendly match against Yokoteni soon, but what about Takumi Harada and Gou Nagakura?

Well, things got heated up that Gou punched Takumi to the face. Also, it’s sucks that Zero-G didn’t make a close-up shot of Harada receiving that punch!

Anyways, Nagakura doesn’t like being pitied by Harada just because he can’t catch Takumi’s pitches well against Kadowaki.

While I understand that Gou doesn’t like being weak to his partner, I’m hoping that their relationship as battery-mates won’t go south.

Now then, it’s time for the exhibition match between Nitta East and Yokoteni. Well, it wasn’t an official one as their respected middle school weren’t involved in this match.

While Takumi has no trouble striking out some of the Yokoteni batters, he’s up against Shugo Kadowaki as the ace will make sure that Harada’s pitches will be sent flying towards the scoreboard. Oh, and Takumi makes a bet that he’ll make a perfect game against Yokoteni, which I have to say that it’ll be a tough task coming from a talented freshman!

Fortunately though, he prevailed as Harada struck Kadowaki out! Of course, it’s not over yet though…

There’s Shun as he’s mocking Gou about his strained relationship with Takumi. Um Nagakura, don’t mind about him and focus on catching Harada’s pitches!

In any case, Takumi makes his best pitch against Shun, but it seems that Yokoteni’s other ace has hit the ball!

On the other hand, the sound effect when hitting the ball was a bit muffled. C’mon, it should be a “ping” sound when a batter hits the ball, not a “thud” where the bat has paddings!

Well then, there goes Takumi Harada’s perfect game as the ball goes straight into outfield…

Nah, forget what I’ve said as Takumi’s team-mate caught one and struck Shun out. That was a close call!

Anyways, there’s more to come for next week’s episode, although I’m worried about Takumi and Gou as they can’t afford to lose against Yokoteni if this match continues.

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