Kuromukuro Episode #21

Here’s Tom Borden, and normally he would shoot Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma’s ass for disobeying orders.

But now, he’s impressed for not only infiltrated an Efidolg Frontier Base, but also rescued Yukina Shirahane and return to Earth in one piece!

Of course, his rescue mission wouldn’t be successful without Muetta as she helped Kennosuke on rescuing Yukina-chan.

Even so, she’s still an enemy even though Efidolg branded Muetta as a traitor. C’mon, the UN Forces don’t trust Muetta yet even if Kennosuke says that she’s an ally!

By the way, why I’m not calling Muetta as Yukihime? Well, you should remember what Yukina saw back in Episode 20 where she found the princess’ head.

But of course, there’s one man who will explain it further. Yeah, I’m talking about the masked demon who Kennosuke has a deep grudge for nabbing the princess 450 years ago!

Anyways, here’s Zeringer Mundef Bischlei once again and it turns out that he’s the pilot of the winged geoframe. Yeah, talk about having Kennosuke’s enemy helping him!

Of course, he’s not gonna pick up a fight against the samurai as Zeringer told him and Muetta that Efidolg captured humanoid beings and clone them. Oh, and Efidolg implant fake memories so that these cloned beings can be controlled easily!

Wow, can’t believe that the enemy can do that! But on the other hand, Kennosuke couldn’t believe that Muetta isn’t Princess Yukihime. Anyways, Kennosuke will have to keep his disbelief for now…

…as Lefil and his Gezon-Reco Frontier Force from Efidolg has already descended to Kurobe Laboratory so they can capture the hinge stones and some Earthlings along the way.

Fortunately, Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma are prepared for this. Hell, even Tom Borden, Liu Shen Mi, and Toshiyuki “Sebastian” Mozuki are ready to defend the laboratory!

On the other hand, it’s sucks that Sophie Noël couldn’t have her own GAUS geoframe because Sophie’s parents want her to return to France.

Now then, let the defense of Kurobe Laboratory begin as Kennosuke and Yukina (plus Zeringer) engaged Yoruba in an air battle. Still, Yoruba won’t do the same mistakes as last time!

Meanwhile, here’s one of the frontier officers named Imusa as he take care of the enemy geoframes.

And as you can see, Liu Shen Mi got overwhelmed by the enemy’s agility as Imusa easily cut GAUS-3’s right arm…

…followed by a puncture to the cockpit. Damn, GAUS-3 got incapacitated!

On the other hand, Liu Shen Mi got out safely! Let’s hope that she won’t get captured by the enemy.

Meanwhile, Mirasa has returned to not only complete her mission, but also hunt down both Yukina Shirahane and Muetta. Fortunately, she didn’t think ahead of what happens next…

…as Mirasa got caught in a mine trap! Yeah, she should have anticipate that!

Oh yeah, and “Sebastian” Mozuki is making fun of Mirasa that she step on a landmine.

Too bad that he’ll bite his ass later as Sebastian’s GAUS-2 got skewered by Mirasa. He should have delivered the final blow earlier…

Outside of Kurobe Laboratory, Sophie Noël is helping someone by getting the person out of the car.

Said person happen to be Muetta as she got caught in the crossfire and now she’s stuck inside the car.

While Sophie is struggling to get her out, it wasn’t until Ryouto Akagi arrived to open the door and rescue Muetta. Kudos to Akagi-kun, but he’s sucks at piloting geoframes!

Now back to Kurobe Laboratory as the situation has gone worse. Now Efidolg released their Cactus mecha to not only overwhelm the United Nations Forces…

…but also capture them by putting a parasite into their brain. Okay, looks like Efidolg is very worse than I thought as their method is somewhat similar to the Magius from Kakumeiki Valvrave!

Even though they resort to cloning and putting parasites onto humans, there’s a question of what happened to the pure-blooded Efidolg population… unless it turns out to be parasites all along.

Anyways, let’s go back to Sophie Noël as she got Muetta out with the help of her friends. Of course, they only thing they need to do is escape the laboratory as there’s no point of defending it anymore.

On the other hand, I hope Commander Graham and Yukina’s mother Hiromi will be okay upon getting out of Kurobe Laboratory!

Now then, Sophie and her friends are escaping when Mirasa caught up with them. Good thing Sebastian managed to hold Mirasa off until his princess got out of Kurobe Laboratory.

Sadly for him though, Toshiyuki “Sebastian” Mozuki won’t make his escape as he’ll sacrifice his life to kill Mirasa off!

But even so, Sophie Noël can’t believe that her butler has died in battle. Also, Jundai Kayahara is such a turn-off for capturing Sebastian’s final moments!

In any case, Kurobe Laboratory has fallen as Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma caught Tom Borden and make their retreat together with Yukina Shirahane and Zeringer Mundef Bischlei.

What can I say on this week’s episode? It was the best one I’ve ever watched and not only it answered some of the big questions, but P.A. Works did a great job of making an intense battle scene between the two sides. It’s sucks that Efidolg won this battle…

…as they’re getting closer of getting the remaining hinge stones, so they can open a warp portal for the main forces to come in and invade Earth!

Man, this is gonna be an uphill battle for Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma and his allies!

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