Alderamin on the Sky Episode #08

This is Lt. General Tamtooktsk Safida… and he’s about to commit the worst military act in Katjvarna history!

Unfortunately, the troops stationed in the Northern Region couldn’t wipe out the Sinack Tribe, even though the Katjvarna Empire captured their fire and wind spirits. In fact, Nanaku Daru and her tribesmen knows how to fight in the mountains as they’re accustomed to high-altitude climate.

Meanwhile, Private 1st Class Kanna Temari and her fellow reserve soldiers are moving closer to enemy territory.

While she wanted to see Warrant Officer Ikta Solork again, Kanna will be forced to kill some Sinack tribesmen…

…once her reserve platoon captured an abandoned fortress. They sure got lucky that they have a place to stay and rest, but I have a bad feeling about this!

Meanwhile, Ikta Solork and his platoon are about to engage the enemy at night. On the other hand, Matthew Tetdrich is too nervous and scared to fight in the dark, so Ikta gives him some helpful advice on how to calm his nerves.

You know what Matthew, even though you’re not as talented as either Torway Remion or Yatorishino Igsem, show them that you’re brave and have the wits to beat your enemy!

Now then, here’s the enemy as the Sinacks are ready to ambush the imperial forces. But unfortunately, Ikta Solork and his army are ready to strike!

And here’s Ikta as he and his group are preparing to blind the enemy. Okay, so that’s how the illumination company works as they use the light spirits as a beam!

But anyways, Ikta Solork and his illumination company have put the Sinacks into a state of blindness!

Oh, and Matthew Tetdrich are ready to shoot the enemy while they’re dazed and confused!

See, the tribesmen couldn’t do a thing when they’re completely blind!

Oh and to make matters worse for the Sinacks, Yatorishino Igsem and her cavalry unit have arrived to clean up the remaining enemy troops.

With that said, the ambush has been thwarted but it seems that the Sinacks got the last laugh…

In fact, Kanna Temari and her comrades can’t believe what they saw down below…

Yeah, they got trapped by the tribesmen! Well I have to say, the Northern Garrison won’t be happy about the news so Lt. General Safida ordered his troops to march forward and assist the platoon.

Here’s Matthew Tetdrich again and he’s complaining about shooting the enemy far away. Really Matthew, I think you’ll be blown away once Ikta Solork asked Torway Remion and his gunners for help!

Anyways, here’s the Sinacks as while they didn’t join the ambush of Kanna Temari’s platoon, the tribesmen are stationed at a ruined base to defend their land from incoming enemy troops!

Sadly, this is where the tribesmen caught off-guard when someone shoot them from a distance. It’s not a cannon by the way…

It was actually Torway Remion’s air rifle which it was modified to fire at long range, using a new method which he dug small ridges in the barrel so that the bullet can spin.

Basically, rifling was introduced and it was also invented by Dr. Anarai Khan. I have to say that the Katjvarna Empire sure lost a brilliant scientist if it wasn’t for the Aldera religion branding him as a heretic! On the other hand, Dr. Khan won’t let Kioka Republic on having that technology advantage as he left some notes behind.

In any case, looks like Torway Remion has become the pioneer of being the sniper within the imperial army!

Now then, Ikta Solork arrived at the fortress after two days of marching. Sadly, it was too late to rescue the reserve soldiers.

Originally, they would rush towards the base in less than a day, but Ikta is worried that his men won’t survive the high altitude so he ordered his troops to set up camp during stops in order to get accustomed to the mountainous climate.

Unfortunately for Kanna Temari and her fellow reserves, this is the result of rushing towards an abandoned base, not knowing about the risks of losing oxygen apart from being ambushed by the Sinacks.

On the other hand, it turns out that Kanna is actually a widow where her husband died early and her family got kicked out because of it. I guess Kanna’s family won’t even bother giving her funeral rites!

In any case, Ikta Solork’s rescue mission was a failure as he can never talk to Kanna Temari ever again. I have to blame the higher command for hastily sending its reserve troops to the mountains unprepared.

Then again, someone needs to blame all of this and they’ll point their fingers at Ikta Solork for his blunders, despite the fact that Lt. General Tamtooktsk Safida made a freaking disaster within the imperial army!

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  1. Karandi says:

    I think that is the worst thing about this is that somehow it will be Ikta’s fault for actually taking the time to ensure his troops survived the march. I’m really loving this story and Kanna’s death was really affective even though she’s only been in the show briefly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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