Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode #09

Here’s You Watanabe… grabbing a school idol costume in the most dangerous way!

Good thing Riko Sakurauchi and Chika Takami managed to grab a hold of You’s legs and pull her up.

Meanwhile, looks like Kanan Matsuura has returned to Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy, but she doesn’t want to go back as a school idol which Mari Ohara got a little bit pushy against her friend!

Dia Kurosawa tries to defuse the situation, but it’s no use at all. Wow Dia-sama, I can’t believe that you can’t stop your childhood friends from wrestling each other!

Fortunately, Chika Takami saves the day as she told Kanan and Mari to stop this nonsensical fighting! But you know what, the situation between Kanan and Mari is somewhat worse than this…

So, the only way to get the full story is to ask Dia Kurosawa on what happened two years ago via Yohane’s Fallen Angel Hold!

It turns out that when they’re about to perform at Tokyo, Mari got a sprained ankle that Kanan didn’t sing on purpose. Thus, a simple stage fright turned out to be more severe!

For Mari, she couldn’t believe that Kanan didn’t tell about it that she slap her to the face! Well, Kanan told about not singing on purpose, it’s just that Mari didn’t notice on what she’s saying on that day.

Well then, I think that it boils down to simple miscommunication thanks to Mari’s injury. Now if Kanan did sing during their performance at Tokyo, Mari’s injury would get worse and she might not dance again! Come to think of it, I wonder if Yoshino Nanjou’s knee is fully-healed?

But despite the antagonism between those two, it seems that Kanan Matsuura do care about Mari Ohara so much!

Well, looks like it’s time for them to bury the hatchet with a hug. This time, there’s no snubbing…

…and there would be crying! Glad that both Kanan and Mari have finally made up after 2 years!

As for Dia, it was a sigh of relief that two of her friends have finally reconciled. Now that the 3rd-year students’ problems have finally resolved, it’s time for Chika and the rest to invite Dia, Kanan, and Mari on joining Aqours!

Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you that it was Dia Kurosawa who came up with the name Aqours in the first place, as it turns out that the group name was also used by Dia, Mari, and Kanan back then.

But you know what, it’s great to see those three back in action as school idols!

Let’s not forget about Chika Takami and the rest of girls as they won’t get left behind by their seniors!

In any case, looks like Aqours have finally been assembled! Now the only thing they left to do is to save their school from being closed down!

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