Well, Ginko and Zakuro are devastated that both Maihime Tenkawa and Hotaru Rindou have died from last week’s episode!

Without the head and sub-head of Kanagawa, the city has lost the will to fight against the Unknown.

Meanwhile, the situation at South Kanto has gone worse that the higher-ups has suggested to abandon the current base near the Aqua Line.

Oh yeah, and here’s Mahiru Ookuni as she invite Asuha Chigusa for a transfer towards inland. Unfortunately for Ookuni-san, Asuha refused her invitation as she wants to be with her brother Kasumi.

Also, here’s Ichiya Suzaku and let’s just say that he’s still pissed for letting Canaria Utara die as well as losing part of Kanto region! So, he vents his frustration at Kasumi Chigusa!

Speaking of Kasumi Chigusa, he recalled to what Hotaru Rindou’s last words that the world they’re living might be fake. Would it be true that this world is a lie? We’ll find that out!

For now, Kasumi Chigusa was invited by Mahiru Ookuni for a dinner at her apartment by himself.

But before he goes outside alone, Kasumi is tinkering Asuha’s code chip…

…by scratching it. Um Kasumi, making a little dent with your nails won’t do much!

Also, Asuha doesn’t like having her nape being touched by Kasumi-niichan. Gross!

Now then, here’s Ookuni-san as she tries to tell Kasumi to let his sister Asuha go to the interior part of Kanto region.

But no matter what sweet talk she’ll do, Kasumi refused as he wants to be with Asuha!

So, Mahiru Ookuni forces him to let go of his sister by kicking him! But you know what, there’s another reason why Mahiru wanted to separate the Chigusa siblings…

See those invisible tentacles surrounding Mahiru-san? Well, it appears that she might actually be part of the Unknown.

Since Kasumi knows too much about the world, Ookuni therefore tries to eliminate him and keep the status quo! However, it won’t happen…

…as it turns out that Asuha followed Kasumi once she’s got suspicious on meeting with Mahiru Ookuni.

And since she saw Mahiru’s true form, Asuha will bring Ookuni down for hurting her big brother!

Yeah, Mahiru Ookuni should have eliminate Asuha as well, but it’s already too late as she’s turned into a block of ice!

Anyways, Asuha Chigusa has rescued her brother Kasumi from being killed off.

Of course, I have a feeling that the higher-ups are worried that someone knows their secrets about this world!

For now, it’s time for Kasumi to take a good rest as Asuha nursed him back to health. C’mon, Kasumi is closer to death due to his beating by Mahiru-san!

On the other hand, it looks like Kasumi’s perception of the world is getting warped. Could it be that his code chip is malfunctioning?

In any case, looks like their world is starting to crumble in front of his eyes! Also, kudos to A-1 Pictures for putting bizarre visuals on this scene, but they’re still terrible when it comes to animation quality!

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