Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #20

Well, it’s another terrorist attack in Tokyo and I won’t be surprised if it’s Willwear-related!

See what I mean that a Willwear will be involved on this attack! Of course, this one has optical illusion so it can plant bombs undetected.

In any case, it looks like a job for Unit 8! Unfortunately, only Souichirou Sena will take this dirty work as he infiltrates a slum area within the capital.

By the way, Haruka Hoshimiya won’t be involved in this case as Takeru Kuroki will take over and assist Sena-kun!

On the other hand, Souichirou met this man named Atin after rescuing him from thugs. Now then, Atin fled Carupanuba as the country was ruled by a dictator.

While he supposed to have sibling upon immigrating to Japan illegally, Atin’s brother and sister died due to dehydration. I have to say that he’s a bit lonely upon arriving to Japan!

With that said, both Atin and Souchirou became friends for a while. Heck, he gave Sena-kun a pinwheel made of empty cans.

Of course, their friendship won’t last long though… You’ll find out on the next scene!

Anyways, the invisible bomber has arrived to terrorize Tokyo. On the other hand, it’s raining on that day in which the police can see it, although they can’t catch the terrorist.

So, it’s up to Oscar I and II on stopping the criminal from planting bombs over the capital.

Of course, what comes next will be very heart-breaking, especially for Souichirou Sena!

So, both Sena and Kuroki managed to trap the terrorist. Now then, take a guess on who’s inside this Willwear…

It turns out that it was Atin who’s responsible for planting explosives within the capital. And the reason why he does this is because he’s protesting against Japan for giving economic assistance to Carupanuba, which the country is planning to build an orbital elevator there.

Unfortunately for him, Atin’s pleas were fallen into deaf ears by the officials as some of them are being close to the dictatorship in exchange for money. Well then, I guess it’s time for Japan to make a change by putting Koutarou Inagi as prime minister!

Anyways, Atin has surrendered to the authorities. However, he’ll be deported to Carupanuba and face serious charges for criticizing against the dictatorship, which Souichirou Sena can’t accept it!

For now, Tokyo is safe once again but the capital is still facing threats. Now if Bird was sponsored by Carupanuba on committing Willwear-related crimes, the government officials will be pretty much horrified that they’re giving economic aid to a dictatorship so they could terrorize Japan.

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