Macross Delta Episode #22

Here’s King Heinz Nerich Windermere II as he won’t be doing his duties as the Wind Singer as Lord Roid Brehm closed the chamber after witnessing the Star Singer, although I’m not sure why it appeared on last week’s episode!

For now, King Heinz is accompanied by his half-brother Keith Aero Windermere. Come to think of it, the White Knight is starting to care about King Heinz’s failing health!

Meanwhile, Walkure is back in action after Mikumo Guynemer recovered, as well as bailing-out the remaining members by Lady M.

Of course, the mystery surrounding Lady M will not be resolved since Shoji Kawamori will try to keep it a secret.

And while you enjoy some fanservice like attaching rockets on their panties, I’m worried about Freyja Wion since she can’t sing because her voice might turn Hayate Immelman into a berserker.

Freyja, I think you should stop being hesitant or you’ll regret everything!

Anyways, the Macross Elysion has arrived for its latest mission and while the ship is assisted by NUNS, most of them came from the planet Voldor, they’re here to distract Windermere’s forces!

In fact, Walkure and the Delta Squadron are here at Alfheim to activate a Protoculturre ruins, so they can open up a portal towards Freyja’s home planet and destroy the ruins there.

Speaking of Freyja Wion, she’s still hesitant as her voice isn’t as powerful and energetic as before. I guess she’s scared that Hayate might succumb to the Var Syndrome!

So, Mikumo Guynemer slap Freyja Wion to the face in order to get a hold of herself.

Glad that Mikumo did it or Freyja might contemplate on quitting Walkure again! I mean, Mirage and Hayate will be very sad if Freyja didn’t sing.

Meanwhile, the Aerial Knights have arrived at Alfheim. I guess they got a hold of the enemy’s plan but will they succeed on stopping Walkure and the Delta Squadron?

On the other hand, here’s Cassim Eberhart and while he’ll continue his duty as an Aerial Knight, I’m worried about Cassim as he’s closer to death!

Now let’s go back to Walkure as Freyja Wion got her energetic voice back! And look, she and her mates have changed clothes!

Of course, Hayate Immelman is still affected to Freyja’s singing as the Var Syndrome is taking him over.

I mean look at him, Hayate is drowning to Freyja’s voice as he attacks relentlessly regardless of whether it’s the enemy or his allies!

Fortunately, Mirage Farina Jenius is here to snap Hayate out. Although she’ll be forced to bring him down, Mirage still cares on her wingman!

C’mon, Mirage sees Hayate as a team-mate even though her intimate feelings will be rejected!

In any case, Hayate Immelman regained consciousness and for some reason, does this picture mean that he’ll say “You’re my wings!” at the end of Macross Delta?

Fuck, I don’t want that to happen ’cause Hayate should choose one girl to date with!

Meanwhile, Walkure has successfully opened the warp gate via the Protoculture ruins. Yeah, the Aerial Knights can’t believe it!

Also, I miss Bogue Con-Vaart, he should have joined Cassim and the Jussila twins on this mission. But then again, nobody remembers Theo and Xao Jussila, so they should be replaced by Bogue Con-Vaart and Hermann Cross.

Anyways, Walkure and the Delta Squadron have arrived at Windermere, Freyja Wion’s home planet where it’s all snow and no halation!

Of course, they’re still inside the enemy territory and the Aerial Knights will be there to destroy those trespassers!

See, they don’t want the New United Nations nor any non-Windermerean beings on their home turf, including Freyja Wion since she’s a traitor to the fatherland!

In any case, Walkure’s transport ship got shot down, but the tactical sound unit is still alive.

Yeah, they got lucky that Walkure can sing again even if they’re inside enemy territory!

Heck, even Mirage rescued Freyja Wion from falling to her death. After all, her rocket skirt have little power to soften her landing!

On the other hand, Cassim Eberhart is relentlessly chasing Hayate Immelman as he’s getting the same aura as the White Knight!

Of course, that comes at a price as Cassim’s lifespan is draining faster. That’s what happens when Windermereans trade their life in exchange for increasing agility and strength.

Sadly though, Cassim Eberhart didn’t go to the distance as Hayate Immelman saw his Sv-262 Draken III falling to the ground.

While Cassim made a crash landing instead of dropping nose-first, I’m worried about the Aerial Knight!

Anyways, Hayate checked to see if Cassim is okay. Sadly, this Aerial Knight won’t live much longer…

…as Cassim’s final moments will be a vision of his son Alec growing his own apple orchard at his home.

And I have to admit, I’m getting teary-eyed as Cassim Eberhart is slowly dying, thinking that he won’t see his family again. Damn, say it ain’t so!

Well then, I’ll leave you with Cassim’s rune slowly dimming away until it’s no longer glowing. I’m sure gonna miss that Aerial Knight!

Next week, Walkure and the Delta Squadron will try to stop Windermere from within. Of course, Keith Aero Windermere and Roid Brehm won’t let them do as they pleases on their home planet.

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