Masou Gakuen HxH Episode #09

Oh look, it’s Kei Shikina as while she’s doing engineer work regarding Heart Hybrid Gears, Kei is also publishing her Kizuna x Reiri incest doujinshi… in Ataraxia Academy’s school festival of course!

Normally, parents will complain that such indecent materials are being sold within the campus, but this is Masou Gakuen HxH where lewd things are allowed in Ataraxia Academy!

Speaking of Ataraxia Academy, the school doesn’t mind about Kizuna Hida teaching sex education as well as how Heart Hybrid works!

I mean, these horny guys are impressed by Kizuna, but at the same time they’re being jealous at him for having the opportunity to touch a woman’s body.

Unfortunately, this sex education was short-lived when Hayuru Himekawa shut it down! C’mon, she doesn’t like lewd stuff happening at the school campus!

Meanwhile, the Amaterasu team are preparing for a stage performance as school idols. Well, looks like Love Live! has influenced this show… just for this week’s episode!

While Aine Chidorigafuchi is supposed to join Yurishia Farandole and Hayuru Himekawa on their rehearsal, she’s currently missing.

So, Kizuna Hida borrowed Sylvia Silkcut as a stand-in to Aine Chidorigafuchi. And besides, she doesn’t fit to be a school idol!

Meanwhile in Batlantis Empire, looks like Grabel is being punished for not only failing to capture Aine, but also refusing to kill Lemurians (or Earthlings).

Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you that Grabel actually came from Earth as she doesn’t want to kill her own people.

However, Zelshione disagrees because she sees Earthlings as weak creatures, especially men who are nothing more than savages!

In any case, Zelshione tortures Grabel until she tells the leader about the location of the Zeros user.

Oh, and if you’re expecting Aldea on saving her friend? Not this time though…

…as Aldea was turned into Zelshione’s bitch! I have to say that the leader broke Aldea’s mind after torturing her countless times!

Well then, looks like the Batlantis Empire will make their next invasion soon.

For now, Ataraxia Academy are having fun at the moment. I mean, the students needs to relieve their stress before their next operation, which is taking back Japan from Batlantis control!

On the other hand, the Amaterasu Team are doing great as idols… except for Aine Chidorigafuchi where she’s missing and thus making Sylvia Silkcut as a stand-in for her.

Fortunately, Aine was found by Kizuna in an empty classroom. Glad that she’s safe instead of being kidnapped by lecherous men!

Of course, Aine Chidorigafuchi is a bit gloomy as she’s starting to remember her time at the Batlantis Empire.

Whether she’s a queen or a goddess, Aine refused to remember it. In fact, doing Heart Hybrid with Kizuna gives Aine some glimpses of her memories.

But you know what, Kizuna doesn’t mind about her past as the only thing he cares for is the present. Heck, Kizuna prefers the current Aine right now!

Also, he likes to touch Aine’s body that Kizuna strips her right away. Damn, he might become the next great erotic king!

By the way Kizuna, I think you should be careful of doing lewd things to her, or some disciplinary officers passing by might catch you and Aine unexpectedly!

But it doesn’t matter as he touch every erogenous zone found in her body. Rub Aine’s crotch gently, Kizuna-kun!

And to top it all off, a suckling on Aine’s tits that her Hybrid Count is restored, although she’s scared that Aine might remember her previous life again!

Honestly, I think she accept her previous memories instead of refusing it. Heck, Aine might be forced to remember it a become a tool to Zelshione once she’s captured by the Batlantis Empire.

Speaking of the Batlantis Empire, it looks like they have arrived to interrupt the school festival. Really, they’re such party crashers!

In any case, next episode will have the Amaterasu team facing another Batlantis fleet. Of course, there’s a special guest joining in…

Remember this person? It’s Dr. Nayuta Hida as she’s with the Batlantis Empire! I knew that Nayuta is in cahoots with the enemy, but I wonder what her role would be?

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode of Masou Gakuen HxH!

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