Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow Episode #01

Hey everyone, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched Strike Witches and with the new spin-off Brave Witches coming up in October, it’s time to see the 501st Joint Fighter Wing members for one last time!

Anyways, this is Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow where it follows right after the TV series and the movie. By the way, this OVA series is animated by SILVER LINK, which will do Brave Witches in Fall.

First off, here’s an introduction to this new character named Heidemarie W. Schnaufer who is recently assigned to Karlsland’s Luftwaffe St. Trond Base in the Kingdom of Belgica.

Now while she won’t have a role on this episode, I think Heidemarie will have one in the spin-off!

Oh yeah, here’s Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke as she’s relegated to a desk job after the disbandment of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing.

Of course, Minna still missed flying alongside her team-mates, especially Mio Sakamoto in which she lost her magic powers after liberating Venezia.

Meanwhile, Erica Hartmann’s twin sister Ursula has returned to not only visit the former members of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, but also give them some souvenirs…

…like this dirndl dress for Gertrude Barkhorn. Um Ursula, Gertrude doesn’t like wearing cute clothes as she prefers to have new weapons to try it out!

Not to worry though as Ursula has tons of experimental weapons to choose from, like this backpack flamethrower which Erica wasn’t impressed by its weight.

Obviously it’s heavy, but Erica believes that this weapon won’t work in the battlefield. Of course, there’s more…

In fact, Ursula Hartmann brought an experimental HeS-011 Jet Striker Unit and a 50mm autocannon for testing.

Anyways, Gertrude Barkhorn put these new weapons and equipment to its limit!

But initially, it has some drawbacks as the Jet Striker couldn’t make sharp turns and it takes long to achieve top speed. Also, the 50mm autocannon has accuracy issues due to its large amount of recoil.

Erica Hartmann wasn’t impressed by the Jet Striker’s initial testing, but she’ll might get pissed on the next scene…

…where Ursula modified her sister’s BF-109 Striker to be used by two people.

By the way, I wonder if Liberion modified their Mustang Striker to its twin variant much like the Zwei Link one as seen here?

Unfortunately, the BF-109Z Zwei Link got caught with some problems, which the link got destroyed and both Hartmann twins are going straight towards the ground!

Luckily though, Erica managed to grab Ursula’s hand and soften the landing. After all, she’s Karlsland’s number one ace!

Sadly, Erica got mad at Ursula that she didn’t talk to her twin sister ever again. Well that’s unfortunate!

I mean look at Erica’s face? She’s a bit grumpy over her twin sister’s modification of her Striker Unit.

Nothing to worry though as Gertrude Barkhorn wore this cute clothing to cheer her up. Yeah, Gertrude looked great in her dirndl!

Unfortunately, Erica wasn’t impressed which embarrassed Gertrude on wearing it in the first place.

C’mon Erica Hartmann, Gertrude Barkhorn is trying to be soft for you! Sadly, Gertrude will have to wear that dirndl…

…when a Neuroi was detected near St. Trond Base. Oh yeah, and this Neuroi is using the clouds to hide itself from the Witches!

So, Gertrude Barkhorn and Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke made their sortie and while Gertrude can hold off the enemy, Minna is a bit rusty after sitting at her desk most of the time.

Let’s hope that Minna can survive from the Neuroi as it’ll be a long and drawn-out dogfight!

Meanwhile, the Neuroi deployed its drones to overwhelm Gertrude Barkhorn. Also, she’s still wearing that dirndl in battle!

At this point, both Gertrude and Minna are sitting ducks!

That’s until Erica Hartmann came to the rescue by using the HeS-011 Striker Unit and the 50mm autocannon.

Unlike before where Gertrude is struggling to make sharp turns and aim it correctly, Erica mitigate those drawbacks and did well on controlling the Jet Striker and the autocannon…

…destroying the drones with a single shot. Well, it looks like her doubts and misconceptions of using Jet Strikers has gone away!

Sadly, it looks like Erica pushed the Jet Striker too much as she’s about to get shot down by the Neuroi. Damn, say it ain’t so!

Fortunately for Erica, someone unload a salvo of missiles onto the Neuroi. I wonder who rescued Erica Hartmann?

Why it’s none other than Ursula Hartmann as she’s using a He-162 Jet Striker Unit. Glad that Ursula cared for her twin-sister!

Unlike the HeS-011, the He-162 is more manageable due to its slightly slower speed, but it’s still susceptible to failure due to being a prototype!

In any case, Ursula Hartmann will assist Erica by becoming her wings so that Erica will focus on shooting the Neuroi down!

Then again, the Neuroi is hiding under the cumulonimbus clouds so it’ll be a hard time finding it.

Fortunately, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke can locate the enemy’s position thanks to her Space Understanding ability. With that said, it’s checkmate for that Neuroi.

Thanks to Minna’s ability, both Erica and Ursula Hartmann found the Neuroi and shoot it down so that the enemy comes out from the clouds.

Still, the Neuroi isn’t down without a fight but the battle has already decided!

In fact, Erica fired her 50mm autocannon in order to split the Neuroi in half. But with that said, this enemy has been shot down!

And now let’s go back to St. Trond Base where Heidemarie W. Schnaufer showed up again.

This time, she’s wearing a maid uniform and don’t be shy on clicking this picture to see the full view!

Anyways, all’s well that ends well in Belgica as Karlsland’s Witches are enjoying their breakfast! But wait, where’s Ursula Hartmann?

Oh, she already left the base. It’s sucks that she didn’t join Erica on eating breakfast!

In any case, that’s about it for Episode 1. Of course, there’s still more to come and I want to finish the OVA series before the spin-off premieres in October.

One more thing, it’s Yoshika Miyafuji as she received a souvenir from her mates at Karlsland, even though they’re assigned at Belgica!

Well, I’ll leave you here with this commemorative picture of the Luftwaffe! Still, Gertrude Barkhorn looked great in her dirndl and I’m hoping she wears cute dresses in the future!

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